Smithward, Collingwood 3066

Another week and another raclette place I've managed to find. This week I tried out Smithward, a very very small wine bar in Smith Street that basically just serves cheese and wine - my favourites. Small, dark and romantic this place exudes date night with a number of specialty dishes on selective days of the week!

I made me way out here on a Thursday and this was no coincidence - Rac'n'Mac night at Smithward. The atmosphere in the restaurant was purely romantic and exceptionally intimate and candlelit. Perfect for date night. The menu and wine list are short but tailored to what they're good at and BOY did they do them well.

Rac'n'Mac - Um....WOW. Baked macaroni covered in raclette cheese. PERFECTION IN EVERY WAY. The macaroni was baked to the right hardness so that it wasn't soggy with the layer of cheese on top. And as rich as mac and cheese is I found this way relatively light and easy to eat - I wasn't stopping every couple of mouthfuls for a sip of water/wine or anything. My only complaint was that it was a bit small considering it is marketed as a main serving.

Raclette - Your traditional raclette with boiled potatoes done the way it should be. Perfect amount of cheese to potato ratio and was really about to taste the balance between them - nothing was overwhelming. I wish the theatrics had been there though, I'm accustomed to having the raclette scraped on to the plate in front of me. There was also some extra sourdough served to scrape up every little bit of cheese which was the perfect accompaniment.

Service was friendly, prices were pretty cheap, atmosphere was romantic and private. Honestly worth a shot for a dose of raclette and it really is a different experience to other raclette joints - almost like being transported back to Europe :)


Presentation (5): 2

Taste (5): 5

Service (5): 4

Atmosphere (5): 4.5

TOTAL: 15.5/20

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