The Butler's Den, Elwood 3184

Finally had a chance to visit the sister cafe to the now legendary instacafe - the Glass Den. Apprehensive at best due to my fairly average experience there I wanted to give this a shot to see if things were better on the other side of town...but were they?!

The Butler's Den could not be more perfectly situated - right by the beach with a direct view to it and parking on your doorstep. It has a very chill vibe and a good mixture of locals and the brunch crowd. Staff were SO friendly and were more than happy to cater to our photo-taking needs (no shame to stand at this cafe).

On to the savouries - the Pulled Beef Benny and Soft Shell Crab Sliders were YUMMY. The benny had so many flavours to it and I'd like to say an indian cuisine taste to it (lots and lots of spices!). Be warned that there was a little heat to it that I wasn't expecting but nothing a dose of hollandaise couldn't help with. The soft shell crab sliders were also much the same - flavoursome and fresh. The slaw helped with the over crunchiness and dry textures in the slider. Very messy dish though.

Sweet Potato Fries are becoming a thing around the brunch crowd I think and I'm loving it. Perfect once again - couldn't stop myself from picking at them the whole time.

Before we got to the main event we had a try of the French Toast Churros (marshmallow nibs, strawberries, matcha soil. hazelnuts, nutella ganache, citrus meringue, burnt marshmallows) which were...alright. The french toast just tasted like deep fried bread with no none of the coating you'd expect. That being said - there was a lot on the dish already so it wasn't missed that much. It was almost like a party mix of lollies - a lot of different things that kinda worked but maybe not together? There needed to be an additional creamy element to bring everything together without overwhelming it (nutella was toooo overpowering).

Now what we all come for - the amazing, show stopping Vanilla Bean Waffle (Brownie nibs, matcha soil, housemade cookie n cream ice cream, hazelnut, raspberry coulis, strawberries, blue berries and citrus meringue). This dish is AMAZINGLY BEAUTIFUL and exceeded expectation on how good it looked. Apart from that it was almost exactly the same as the french toast churros expect this had a creamy element! The ice cream really brought everything together and made the dish make a lot more sense. Waffle was average though - obviously used pancake mix rather than HK egg waffle mix (which is generally a bit sweeter).

Overall I reckon this is worth the trip on a sunny summer day so that you can also check out the beach while you're there. I'm happy to report this is much better than Glass Den so bring your camera and best mates to enjoy the food and great view. :)


Presentation (5): 5

Taste (5): 4

Service (5): 4.5

Atmosphere (5): 4

TOTAL: 17.5/20

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