Light Years, Hawthorn East 3123

Very green and very central - Light Years is like a forest amongst the concrete jungle. Beautiful in every way from the food to decor but did taste match up? and was the Pixel Avo really allllll that?

Though a bit dark for photo taking - The space at Light Years is truly beautiful. Green, modern and private I could not fault the space. I even had the pleasure of sitting near the kitchen and seeing the chefs do their magic. The service was so-so though it was quite busy so it was understandable. 

The Pixel avocado on sourdough toast (Poached egg, chilli air dried kale, edamame hummus, pickled radish, lime, bacon and nori) which is the most well known dish at Light Years. Unfortunately it was extremely average basically being just avo on toast. Pixel effect was nice to look at cosmetically but by far that was the most redeeming quality of the dish.

The stand out dishes thought were the BBQ duck croquettes (Charred broccolini, snow peas, pickled onions & cucumber, five spice jus, compressed radicchio) and the Miso scrambled eggs (Australian shitake mushroom, seaweed, nori, spring onion, charred corn and milk bread sticks). Both these dishes exuded asian fusion in its best form. The croquettes were strong in flavour and very meaty. It didn't look like much on the plate but with the hoisin sauce and duck flavours was quite filling. On the other hand, the scrambled eggs were light and refreshing with the creaminess of the egg and richness of the milk bread broken up with the pops of freshness from the corn. The milk bread was AMAZING though and added the crunchy textured the dish really needed.

Sweet potato chips with nori salt & sriracha mayo are a MUST TRY as well. Crispy on the outside, soft on the outside and the slight bitterness of the edges. Perfection and the mayo was a great accompaniment.

For dessert we had the Matcha waffle (Dark chocolate, lemon cheesecake, strawberry, popping candy, space soil) which were...also very average. It's strange how the best looking dishes aren't always the best tasting. There was WAY too much matcha, not enough chocolate poured on and no balance of flavour at all. It was chore to get through and this was shared between 4 people as well. The only highlight of the dessert was the lemon cheesecake balls that were very yummy and added a pop of sour that was a relief amongst the matcha overload.

Try this place out - but veer off the path of the ordinary and try something that you wouldn't normally try and not just for the pretty picture :)


Presentation (5): 4

Taste (5): 3.5

Service (5): 3

Atmosphere (5): 4

TOTAL: 14.5/20

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