Juliet Melbourne, Melbourne CBD 3000

Juliet Melbourne, Melbourne CBD 3000

Another day another new restaurant opens in Melbourne. Juliet Melbourne is the latest wine bar to open up that capitalises in the Melbourne's obsession with wine and cheese with the ultimate combination of both - Raclette. 

I might be slightly biased here but if you put any dish in front of me that is paired with a Raclette dish I will demolish it - and this was no different. I was so keen to try it that I didn't take any photos (oops) - but take my word for it that it was a beautiful sight to see. Scraped from the block of cheese on to your plate it is simply a cheese overload...but not in a bad way. I would say there could be more accompaniments on the plate for the two doses of cheese you get. The best bit of this dish though are the crunchy cheese bits along the side that give you a change of texture from the gooey raclette.

In addition to the raclette we also got a steak tartare and fries. Both were pretty standard. The fries still had the skin on them which I am a fan of because of the extra oomph of flavour you get (also the slight health benefits from skins).

Drinks were delish - I had the Elderflower Vespa and the house Pinot Grigio. Elderflower Vespa was definitely strong but still embodied the flavours promised in the menu. The wine list and original cocktail menu are well worth a try for the experience.

Overall, this wine bar is not a bad place for a date night. The staff or welcoming and the atmosphere is dark and oozing with that cool sophistication that only Melbourne can pull off without being too try hard. Worth a shot!

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Presentation (5): 2.5

Taste (5): 3.5

Service (5): 4

Atmosphere (5): 4

TOTAL: 14/20