La Bodega de Andres, Fitzroy 3065

My recent trip to Spain really gave me a passion for Spanish food so I thought...why not drag my friends out to the latest Spanish spot in Fitzroy?! Literally still maintaining its new restaurant smell, La Bodega de Andres is in the food central suburb of Fitzroy and embodies the tastes and flavours of my favourite country!

Entering the restaurant everything looked very clean and neat - which is a shock walking into any Spanish restaurant if you've been to Spain. It is quite authentically styled and when ordering all the staff seemed quite well versed in the menu and the flavours. If I could describe the food in one word it would be 'authentic'. Everything was just packed with flavour and complexity that you so rarely find anywhere outside of Spain. The paella here is a knock out and a must have - probably the best Paella I've ever had in Aus (Sorry Simply Spanish - you might lose your title soon!

See below for dish by dish commentary.

Dips: I love myself some dips and this was no exception. The dips were flavourful and delicious so I highly recommend trying this. Everything seemed restaurant made with an excellent dipping bread that was nice and warm when served.

Albondigas: Essentially meatballs in sauce but trust me - no one does it like the Spanish. Moist and covered in a red tomato sauce it was perfection and a great tapas to share.

Seafood Paella: This dish is always my standard dish to see if a paella stands up to my high standards and this definitely made it. All the seafood was cooked to perfection as was the rice which had a lot of saffron in it so I'm glad they didn't skimp out on that. Only complaint was no crust on the bottom of the pan - my favourite part of paella :(

Chicken Paella: Much the same as the above ^ except the chicken was a little dry which I find with most chicken paellas though.

Charcuterie Board: Jamon on point. I LOVE JAMON so the fact this was fresh, thinly sliced and covering the entire board was perfect.

Cheese Board: It was simply one type of cheese on the board which was a surprise but it was nice and mild. Would've been better to have been served with some bread as well.

Sangria: Great. No complaints. It's alcohol so I was loving it :P

I have to say that whether you're a fan of Spanish food already or looking to try it for the first time this is the perfect place to do it! GET HERE BEFORE IT GETS POPULAR!

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Presentation (5): 4

Taste (5): 4

Service (5): 3

Atmosphere (5): 3.5

TOTAL: 14.5/20