Attica, Ripponlea 3185

Legendary, Innovative and quintessentially Australian - there's only one restaurant in Australia that can be described in this way...time to review Attica.

Never in my wildest dreams did I think that I would get that magical text from Attica but I 9:01am on the the 16th of November. Jumped on the chance after a last minute cancellation and I found myself at Attica for dinner! From the moment you step through that unassuming door there is none of the snobbery and pretentiousness of other fine dining restaurants have of their is just plain old Australian good manners and friendliness.

I won't go too much into the dishes as yet but we had the Extended Tasting Menu which was very innovative. The degustation can only be described as an experience with environment and food making up two bits of a very complex puzzle. 

I would highly recommend a visit to Attica if you can as it is a once in a lifetime experience (especially for the sake of your wallet). The theatre and the service are more than enough to make your night but do go into it with an open mind as there are quite a few surprises along the way :)


DEGUSTATION COURSES (in serving order)

Cook’s Leaves: Surprisingly tasty...who knew leaves dipped in sour cream could be so good?!

Aged Santa Claus Melon: Bit of a strange one that played with my senses - cold yet slightly savoury but also juicy?

Pearl Cooked in Paperbark: I do not know what this 'pearl' was but it was absolutely amazing and covered in butter. Could devour about 1000 of these. Very unique presentation with bark though.

Smashed Avo on Toast: Pretty much your standard avo on toast but the toast was a beautiful :  biscuit instead.

An Imperfect History of Ripponlea: Tarts representing elements of the history of Ripponlea (English, Jewish and Aboriginal). Tied in well with the theme and each had its own unique and distinctive flavour.

Pav Scallop and Wattlesoy: There's a twist to this dish but I found the strange banana flavour bothered me more than anything else.

Chewy Carrots: Did not taste like carrots at all...more like smoked jerky with a slight sweetness. Loved it! 

Mutton Shell: I have never had such a perfectly tender abalone in my life and I don't think I ever will again. A+++ to this dish.

Hand Picked Crab and Sour Damper: Can't fault a dish with my favourite Aussie treat - damper. Honestly I loved the butter and damper on the side more than the needed more seasoning because it was a bit bland.

Kangaroo, Wattles and Waxflower: Reminded me of a pile of mince and nuts mixed together. Tasted nice enough but by far the least impressive of the savoury courses.

All Parts of the Pumpkin: Too many soft textures that it was kind of just mush. Loved the different flavours of the pumpkin though and how it really tested my savoury/sweet palate.

Grilled Marron with Desert Lime: I found that the marron was cooked perfectly but the subtleness of its flavours was overpowered by the desert lime. Would've preferred a far less intense flavour with it.

Pests of the Neighbourhood: Another dish with a twist. Theatre was the name of the game and boy did it deliver. Loved it so much. 

Camel Milk Ice Whipped Emu Egg with Quandong: I want to say I loved this dish because it is the most famous dish at Attica but to be honest...probably my least liked of the night. The strange sourness and savoury flavour of the whipped emu egg just put me off entirely except for the bits of quandong that sweetened it enough to be bareable.

Attica Cheftale: COULD NOT FAULT. Who can honestly fault a giant Fantale? :P

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