Grange Road Egg Shop, Toorak 3142

This cute little egg-themed cafe has been on my go-to list for a longgggg time but I finally made it! Set in fancy pants Toorak in and amongst the best money food can buy - Can Grange Road Egg Shop offer a price appropriate and delicious brunch?

The stand out here is the decor and atmosphere. It is beautifully themed around the egg - the centrepiece of brunch. A gold egg signposts the entrance to the cafe and the decor inside is all egg inspired from the chairs to the tables to the walls. Sounds tacky but it works well and adds to the charm. The cafe is quite quiet and populated with locals more so than those who travel for brunch. It's unusually quiet but it's very chill and a welcome change - the open kitchen was a nice touch to break up the silence every once in a while.

First dish up for the day was the Benedict (Smoked salmon with poached eggs and burnt butter bearnaise on sourdough) and as ugly as it was (hence no photo) it tasted great changing it up with a bearnaise sauce rather than a hollandaise - keeping it light and refreshing. I wasn't a huge fan of the sourdough bread because it is hard to eat but the grainy crust did add a somewhat healthy touch so not going to complain too much about it considering the overall dish.

So we had a later than usual brunch this time just so we could try the Lobster Roll (Dill mayo, sweet corn, shallots, spring onions and chips). IT WAS SO WORTH IT - the dish is so fresh with a substantial amount of lobster to meet the value size of the roll. Not too much mayo so it still felt healthy to eat and no food coma to follow from this one. My only question would be that I would not have minded a bit of char on the lobster to add a bit of bitterness and change in flavour to the texture of the lobster but I'm nit picking to be honest. Crispy buttery bread and a side of chips - carb perfection in the perfect dish :)

As Masterchef always says - its all about keeping it simple and executing to perfection to get the perfect dish. The Buttermilk Pancakes (Lemon curd, maple syrup, hazelnut, vanilla ice cream and berries) encapsulates this PERFECTLY. Fluff, fresh, vanilla overload - what you expect from a pancake. As basic as it was it was executed to perfection and didn't need any fancy tricks to make it any better. I loved all the elements and the addition of the fruit to freshen things up

One last note: the Fresh Orange Juice was indeed VERY fresh - so order it for a health kick of pulp and orange.


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Presentation (5): 4

Taste (5): 4.5

Service (5): 4

Atmosphere (5): 4.5

TOTAL: 17/20