The Bakers Wife, Camberwell 3124

It's raining, it's pouring - but nothing will ever stop me from heading to brunch. The Bakers Wife is so warm and welcoming so no matter the weather you'll enjoy the trip to this Tardis-like cafe (it's bigger on the inside!). Warm yourself up and read on to see what to fill your belly with here!

As I mentioned before it was shocking to walk into the cafe and see how big it is on the inside in comparison to its inside. There are many many tables in side and plenty of space for big group which is great! Tables are quite far apart too so no worries about privacy.

Another point I'd like to make before getting to food is the fast service. Food was out in 5 minutes flat and was piping hot so you can tell it's made on the spot. The only downside was the staff were a bit impersonal and walked around looking a bit grumpy. I might put this down to the cafe being ultra busy though.

Now to the food we had the Truffled Asparagus (Two poached eggs, house hash brown, crisp leek & hollandaise) which I really enjoyed though it tastes exactly how you would expect it to taste. Similarities to an Eggs benny but with the right tweaks with some green from the asparagus and the hash brown. The hash brown was beautifully soft on the inside and crispy on the outside and I could honestly eat a pile of them in one sitting!

Next up the Challah French toast (Fresh berries, lemon curd, pistachio praline, mascarpone brûlée & Canadian maple syrup) which was...below par in terms of french toasts I've had. It wasn’t soaked enough so it still had a very white bread taste so the challah bread might not have been the right choice as it was so dense. The pistachio crumb also felt out of place and the lemon curd was 'too much', I probably would've stuck with just the maple syrup for simplicity. Simplicity is probably the key point missed on this dish since everything seemed like it was just thrown on the plate with no consideration for flavour or presentation.

Overall I would say the experience was positive in terms of environment and atmosphere but there are a few changes that need to be made to the food to make it truly competitive to the other great cafes in the area.

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Presentation (5): 2.5

Taste (5): 3

Service (5): 3

Atmosphere (5): 4

TOTAL: 12.5/20