Naked for Satan, Fitzroy 3065

Naked for Satan, Fitzroy 3065

Naked for Satan is a staple in the Melbourne rooftop scene so I was ultra keen to try this much hyped Spanish bar/restaurant! From my experience with the food, drinks and atmosphere I imagine it will be a constant in town for many years to come.

We visited two of the three spaces at Naked for Satan: The Pintxos Bar and the Rooftop. The variety of spaces caters to all which is great but as it was such a beautiful sunny day the rooftop was a must (the skyline view is amazing!). All food is Spanish themed in all spaces and draws a lot of inspiration from the northern regions (aka Catalonia). Read below for a review on each of the spaces as they are quite different to one another.

Bar de Pintxos y Vodka

If you aren't familiar with Spanish cuisine, pintxos and tapas can be interchangeable for the small dishes you can find in Spain. The main difference though is that 'pintxos' refers to the toothpick that is normally staked through these bite sized pieces.

I loved the atmosphere as it was traditional to Spain with a buffet on pintxos that you can collect and at the end they charge you based on the toothpicks you've collected. It can feel a bit weird to begin with but trust's fun. The food was alright but I did feel that there was a severe lack of hot dishes and the cold dishes didn't necessarily taste fresh. Still...the flavours were on point and the variety of cold dishes was extensive. 

Naked in the Sky

The highlight of Naked in the Sky, that unobstructed rooftop view of Melbourne's suburbs. A brilliant place to head on a night out to chill out with friends. We headed there on a Tuesday night and it was SO busy so get in early if you can. The service and attention provided by staff was exceptional considering there no table service. There was always someone around to help out and clean up or to get cutlery when needed. 

The bar menu is small but filled with classics. We had the following dishes but to summarise, well worth the visit even just for the food. Packed full of flavour and the perfect size to snack on with a cocktail or two. Cocktails were fresh and mixed well too :)

  • Popcorn Chicken, Basil and Chilli Salt: Moist on the inside and crispy on the outside, PERFECT. Could've done with a sauce to dip into though but luckily we had some aioli which really did take the flavour up a notch.

  • Fried Lamb Ribs, Piment D'espelette, Aioli: Wow...this was so fatty but the meat just came right off the bone. Get your hands in there and really enjoy it! Went well with the aioli and the crispy fried bits added a nice bitterness to the dish.
  • Raw Beef Tartare, Anchovy, Shallots, Cured Egg Yolk, Taro Crisps: Cured egg yolk was weird....and hard to eat. Almost too hard with no flavour to it. The tartare really needed the saltiness and creaminess of the egg yolk too. The taro crisps and the salad did add some freshness and texture to the dish though which was appreciated.

Naked for Satan is 110% worth a visit - especially considering the summer nights to come :)


Presentation (5): 3

Taste (5): 4

Service (5): 3.5

Atmosphere (5): 4.5

TOTAL: 15/20

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