Rogue District, Brunswick 3056

This place has been on my list of Go To's for so long that I forgot why I even wanted to go here but was well worth the wait.

Upon arrival I was pleasantly surprised by the atmosphere of Rogue District. Rather than the usual busy cafe on a main street it is just off Brunswick Street in a converted cottage which really set the mood. Dark and cosy with an eclectic mix of furniture and lighting (dare I say...indie?) it wasn't the best setting to take photos but what really matters is the taste and that's where Rogue District really delivered.

First off, the hot chocolate was excellent. I'm a bit of a hot chocolate snob but these were perfect, balancing the creaminess and chocolate into a light flavour that didn't have the overly rich taste that puts people off it normally.

Next up was the Gruyere croquette (field mushroom with capsicum pesto, poached egg, sweet potato crisps). Delicious in every way with a great mixture of textures from crunchy crisps to the creamy yolk. Highly recommend this dish.

But the highlight BY FAR was the banana sticky date hotcakes. They were amazingly light and really surprised me with how 'not sweet' it was because looking at it I was definitely expecting something much much richer. The nuttiness of the crumb and the caramel kept me scraping at the plate until I had finished every last drop.

Rogue District is a must go for any one who is a fan of won't be disappointed by this little bluestone cafe AT ALL.

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Presentation (5) : 5

Taste (5) : 5

Service (5) : 4

Atmosphere (5) : 5

TOTAL: 19/20