Baba Sus, Glen Iris 3146

One of the eastern suburbs' best kept secrets, Baba Sus perfects the art of fusion with its unique menu brimming with classics with a twist. I'm not normally a huge fan of fusion flavours so Baba Sus has never been one of my Go To's but little did I know what I was really missing out on.

This little modern cafe is tucked in a quiet corner of Glen Iris with a few outdoor tables for the dog crowd. Despite the location it is quite busy and you can expect a line at times, as I did on this particular occasion (20 minute wait). Once inside the decor is organic with a lot of natural light (perfect for photo taking!) and a view inside the kitchen which really sets the atmosphere of the cafe.

On this visit we got two savouries, The Hedgehog (hasselback potato, bacon, cheddar, tomato relish, spring onion, sour cream, scrambled eggs and spinach) and the Outcast (avocado, kale, tomato, sherry vinaigrette, grilled gallium, chickpeas, poached eggs and toast).  The Outcast was pretty much your standard breakfast fare of poached eggs and avo with a bit of a twist with the haloumi. Fresh and delish, the perfect healthy wake up call after a night out. The real highlight of the savouries though was the Hedgehog. It was a decadent and flavoursome with all my personal favourite ingredients such as the buttery hasselback potato melted in with the almost crispy cheddar topped off with a refreshing dollop of sour cream. I could not fault this dish except maybe I could give or take the scrambled eggs, they didn't add much to the dish though they were delicious as well.

We had to finish off with the world famous (?) Hong Kong egg waffles though (vanilla custard, berry compote, vanilla ice cream, pistachio crumb). If you are familiar with the egg waffles here you will notice that I switched out the green tea ice cream for vanilla. I'm not the biggest matcha fan so I opted out of this but according to my sources (thanks friends) the dish tastes the same either way. THIS DISH IS AMAZING. I would say perfection on a plate. It has the right amount tang from the berry compote mixed with the sweetness of the vanilla custard to cause a flavour explosion. The actual egg waffle is also quite nice and works as a vessel to soak up all the wet ingredients on the plate. Again, another dish I could not fault and I would literally have this everyday if I didn't think I would die of diabetes if I did.

Baba Sus....met my expectations and beyond. I think it speaks for itself that I've been back three times since. Double thumbs up and a must go!


Presentation (5) : 5

Taste (5) : 5

Service (5) : 4

Atmosphere (5) : 5

TOTAL: 19/20

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