Winery Tour in the Yarra Valley

A bit of a different format for this review but thought it was a worthwhile one for the keen foodie roadtrippers. Headed off to the Yarra Valley via Airtasker to do some wine tasting and enjoy some along the way.

Here is a quick look at some of the places we stopped by there :)

  • Innocent Bystander: This place has always been one of my favourites. Even though the moscato slushies are gone it is still a worthwhile pitstop in Healesville with some of the best pizza I've come across anywhere in Melbourne. A couple of must trys on the menu: the salami pizza, the mushroom pizza, the paella del mar and the truffle fries. And of course have a glass of their amazing moscato...or maybe even have an entire flask.
  • Rochford Winery: A winery I've heard of many times but have yet to experience. A great pitstop for the red wines and atmosphere. The best part of the experience had to be the wine tasting with a highly entertaining sommelier that kept us laughing the whole time. Because it is one of the fancier establishments, $5 tasting fee applies unless you get a bottle of wine.
  • Domaine Chandon: Probably one of the most well known wineries in the Yarra Valley, this place does not disappoint. It is beautiful in every way, from the interior decor to the view overlooking the vineyard. It has a fairly large tasting menu that is met with a higher than usual tasting fee ($10) but let me assure's well worth it. Admittedly got highly intoxicated at this one purely based on the size of the tasting, a bargain in my books.
  • Yarra Valley Dairy: I love cheese, it's as simple as that so I had to make a stop here. One of my favourite places in the Yarra Valley, it is part gourmet store, part tasting area, part cafe. It does get very busy but luckily for us they have these excellent take away picnic packs that give you all the essentials to head out for a picnic, including a map of the great picnic spots in the area. Must try cheese in my opinion: the Jack English cheddar, the Yering camembert and their famous Persian fetta.
  • DeBortoli Yarra Valley Estate: This place is beautiful. Like breathtakingly so with the perfect picnic tables to watch the we did. Get yourself a bottle of wine from DeBortoli and some cheese from the Dairy and sit here and enjoy the last remnants of your trip :)

Overall, this is one of those must do Victorian roadtrips that give you the warm and fuzzies that you are in the foodie capitals of Australia. Highly recommend this with a group of friends or as a nice date day with your significant other...but do note this is a funner trip if you can avoid driving as those wines are to die for.

One last shout out to the great company I had on this trip. Nothing makes a roadtrip as amazing as this one without the fabulous friends you have by your side #EB4LYF <3