Must Eats in Amsterdam

Back from my three week Europe adventure across London, Amsterdam and Spain! This amazing trip was filled with so many sites but also so so so much food. Be prepared for lots of foodie news about all of the places I visited but first stop...Amsterdam!

Amsterdam...a city of beautiful canals, wonderful people and a lot of dodgy smelling streets. This was by far my favourite city I visited during my trip with not only beauty and culture around every corner but AMAZING food as well. Though I was only there for a few days I came to realise the cornerstone of Dutch food is street food and they do it well. Highly recommend a visit to Albert Cuyp market to try out all the foods listed below and more. The below are just a few of my favourites from this city of canals so do be sure to try EVERYTHING you see there because you maybe surprised what you find :)


The traditional Dutch waffle aka Stroopwafels. These beautiful beautiful desserts consist of two waffle-like layered biscuits that are sandwiched together with a layer of sticky caramel and is best served warm. If you want to be a bit extra as well you can get them with a variety of topping...just check out the photo below from van Wonderen Stroopwafels


They may look like your average fries in a cone but the cheese sauce really takes it to the next level. Amsterdam's streets are peppered with stalls serving purely fries with a variety of toppings...perfect for if you get peckish between meals or after a drunken night out on the town.


Another type of pancake to be enjoyed in Amsterdam...Poffertjes! Not the most common pancake eaten there (most can be seen eating the usual crepe-like pancake) but definitely the most delicious. These soft pillows of dough simply melt in your mouth and are the perfect bite-sized share plate for dessert. Try the crepe pancakes and the poffertjes and find out which one is your favourite :)


Amsterdam is seriously the city of is everywhere and very colourfully wrapped and in EVERY flavour you can imagine. Tastings are readily available at all cheese stories and I find this the gouda in Amsterdam to be creamier and more flavourful than any others I've tried in Melbourne. Be sure to try the truffles and garlic flavours...they will blow your mind!

Apple Pie @ Winkel43

A favourite amongst locals that has been adopted by the tourists who travel to this beautiful city as well. Winkel43 serve THE BEST apple pie I have ever had. Crumbly and buttery pastry that layers the outside of an otherwise brimming slice of soft, stewed apples. It is the perfect mid-afternoon dessert to eat and chat over while people watching over the near by canal.

Moeders (Classic Dutch food)

Notoriously busy (please book if you intend on going). Moeders is based on the dutch word for 'mothers' and pays homage to these legends with walls and shelves papered with photos with mothers of those who have eaten at the restaurant. Classic home style dutch food at its best and gives you a real idea of what dutch food is like in the otherwise touristy scene of restaurants there.