Top 3 Pintxos Bars to try in San Sebastian

Top 3 Pintxos Bars to try in San Sebastian

Located in the far north, close to the border of France and Spain, is San Sebastian. The land of food, food...and more food. Spending four full days in this magnificent town I was able to experience the best food that Spain has to offer in the form of San Sebastian's famous pintxos bars.

A pintxo, is a small snack traditionally served in the bars in the Basque region of Spain. It is simply  the most delicious produce you can find in a mouthful eaten with your hands. This should NOT be mistaken with tapas...which a bit larger and more entree sized. Pintxos are always served with some bread and got its name from the common occurrence of having a toothpick down the centre to hold it all together. 

The best pintxos bars in the world are located in Parte Vieja aka "Old Town" in San Sebastian. Here is a list of my top picks and the dishes you MUST try while you're at these cosy hideaways (be prepared with your elbows, it'll be a tight squeeze).

La Vina

CHEESECAKE CHEESECAKE CHEESECAKE. If you haven't got the message yet...this place has THE BEST cheesecake you will ever have in your life! The texture is so creamy like your usual cheesecake but the burnt film on the outside give it a strong caramel flavour that cuts through the cream. Think creme brulee in cake form. They make about 50 a day but if you don't get in early you risk missing out on this amazing dessert.

Otherwise, La Vina also has some pretty amazing savouries such as their fish cake and octopus. Highly recommend stepping out of your comfort zone to try as much as you can.

Bar Zeruko

Variety is the name of the game here and boy does it deliver on it. Probably the nicest looking pintxos you'll encounter in San Sebastian as well. The nature of pintxos is to have small bits of everything and Bar Zeruko takes this to the extreme, offering up a buffet style experience with pintxos being heated up to order once you've selected your choices. 

Be prepared to push your way through the crowds for this one. Hold your ground...all is fair in love and war.

Borda Berri

The lesser known of the three but the one that I would recommend the most in terms of quality and authenticity. Specialising in meat this carnivore favoured menu has some of the most perfectly cooked ribs and steaks you will encounter anywhere in Spain. 


I had to do this extra call out to the most delicious wine I've ever tasted...Txakoli. Native to the Basque region it is a white wine that you can at most restaurants in the area. Easy to drink with a very mild taste it is the perfect accompaniment for savoury or dessert...particularly on a beautiful summers day in San Sebastian :)