Punchbowl Canteen, Port Melbourne 3207

Not every brunch experience is going to be a good one but it takes the good ones to really make you appreciate the good ones. Unfortunately...Punchbowl Canteen was one of those bad ones. Read on to read my review on Part 1 of Double Brunch Weekend.

I'll start with the positives. The decor of the cafe is very cute with an industrial chic feel and lots of natural light. The area that it is in a business park so it is a bright spot but also seems to fit in with its surroundings. There was also two great dishes in the form of the Lemon Meringue French Toast and Thick Cut Bacon. The French toast was both sour and sweet like a lemon meringue pie and worked well with the very fluffy french toast that it say on...a highlight of our visit. The standout of the thick cut bacon dish was the gruyere potato cake that simply melted in your mouth. Both dishes were quite rich so save them for an empty stomach!

Now on to the negatives...and boy were there quite a few. We stood around at the front of the cafe for about 10 minutes waiting to be seated but was instead met with waiters standing around watching us or simply walking straight past us. Once we were eventually seated and we got our drinks quite quickly but were made to wait 40 minutes for food...which is pretty unacceptable even at their busiest which they certainly weren't judging from the empty tables around.

The Avocado on Toast was a mess from the moment it was set on the table. The eggs were overcooked, the trout was cold and hard, the avocado was not ripe and the toast was not buttered. It was a ridiculously poor dish for a standard brunch offering.

And then there came the falafel dish that a friend in the group ordered. After a 30 minute wait we were told they had just realised the carrot hummus had sold out and we asked to simply have it replaced with avocado and that was agreed upon. 10 minutes later we were served a completely different dish (Avocado on Toast...of all dishes) that was not ordered and simply picked by them to replace the falafel ordered. Some acknowledgement or consultation should have been used in this scenario. No compensation or apologies were provided by management and we were left with a very sour experience as a result.

Don't go here...save your effort and head somewhere else.


Presentation (5): 2.5

Taste (5): 3

Service (5): 0

Atmosphere (5): 3

TOTAL: 8.5/20

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