Garçon Paris Steakhouse, Melbourne CBD 3000

Formerly the Melbourne outpost of Entrecote, Garçon has added its own stylish and modern take on French cuisine to the Paris end of Collins Street. All I need to say - the unlimited fries have remained!

Walking in you instantly feel the change in atmosphere from what used to be a traditional French restaurant to a modern eatery that is fully equipped with funky paintings and pink lighting. Honestly, I felt like I was entering the backstage of a Paris runway show which was a bit intimidating to be honest…I missed the warmth and old school throwbacks. Seating is a bit squished so not entirely ideal for a private date but the atmosphere definitely calls for romance!

For entree, we had to have the French classic of Escargot. It was gorgeous, there was a distinct garlic flavour which was great as most spots in Melbourne serve their escargot with an overload of parsley. It was also a different touch to have them served in the shell as it gives you something tangible to play with and adds to the theatrics of the dish. Be sure to pour out the delicious sauce out of the shell and get some bread to dip with it…AMAZING!

Moving on to mains, the Steak Frites was a another classic take which had a lovely aromatic butter melted through it. The quality of the produce could not be ignored as you can taste the quality of the beef and how it simply melts in your mouth. Personally, it was cooked a little over done for me to be medium rare but luckily the butter kept it moist enough to still be great. The highlight though - the unlimited fries. All you need to simply do is ask for a top up once your empty! Our server was particularly attentive and the moment we ran out came over to stock us back up. Loved it…especially as they were so fresh and perfectly crisp.

 Deciding to spoil myself further, I had a main sized serving of the Steak Tartare. I loved the presentation for this one and the generous egg…gotta love the opportunity to mix it in myselg…again for the theatrics! I would’ve liked more crisps to the side to balance flavour and also to simply have a vehicle for the tartare. There was also a substantial amount of cournichons which gave the dish a spicy kick. Overall I love a good tartare but it was missing a creaminess as there was so much going on inside it with so many elements.

You can’t have a standard French meal without ending with a Vanilla Creme Brûlée…especially one that is so flavourful! Cracking to it….the sugar was a little bit thick but added to the texture and the burnt flavour. Tough on the teeth though so be careful! The bottom of the dish was literally coated with vanilla bean which I can not describe how happy I was about. The vanilla was overpowering but in such as amazing way. The custard was delicious as a result!

Looking for a traditional French meal in the city with all the standard dishes? Look no further than Garçon Paris Steakhouse to get a taste of Paris without getting on a plane!


Presentation (5): 4

Taste (5): 4

Service (5): 4

Atmosphere (5): 3.5

TOTAL: 15.5/20

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