The Faculty, Hawthorn 3122

On the hunt for a quieter spot for brunch? Look no further than The Faculty, off the main brunch trail but worth the detour for the chill vibes and low key classics that will get your brunch needs satisfied!

With an old school 80’s feel about it, this cafe feels more suburban with most with a seemingly local clientele. Because of this though it is very chill and spacious which meant there was no problem getting a table on a Saturday morning. What I love most about these small suburban cafes though is the service, staff were ultra friendly and took the time out to chat, makes jokes and recommend their favourite dishes. The heart and soul of brunch.


I was so excited to try the Benedict Rosti (Housemade potato rosti fingers, pulled pork, poached eggs, hollandaise sauce, sourdough toast) mainly because of my obsession with rostis. I was a fan of them because they were so flavoursome but be warned - there is very little crunch to them. That would’ve made them perfect if they were just that little bit more crispy. The pulled pork was a bit salty and is designed for the saltier palettes out there. There was a sweet element that I couldn’t pinpoint and it was a bit odd but also strangely compelling.

Sometimes you gotta splurge on two desserts and this was the first of them, Berry Pancakes (Blueberry compote, vanilla bean ice-cream, pistachio praline, Persian fairy floss). They tasted like a Tutti Frutti - a mixture of a lot of different fruits and combined for a fruity sweetness and sourness. The pancakes were perfection - thick and fluffy! I would’ve loved some more of the vanilla flavour to break up the fruit. Overall I enjoyed it due to the perfect pancake but I could’ve done with more prominent elements such a more praline.

Ahhh the unexpected but highly recommended special of the day, Twix French Toast (Housemade caramel sauce, chocolate mascarpone, biscuit soil). The side elements were on point with a DELICIOUS caramel sauce and mascarpone. The major wow factor with the Twix that was complemented by all the accompanying pieces. Everything worked so well. The only down side was the dry French toast...I think it could’ve done with a bit more of a soak in the mixture. I also wish there was more since it was just a single slice of toast.

I would head back here in a heartbeat for a chill and quiet brunch - no fuss and just a good meal. Avoid the lines of the its fellow Hawthorn brunch spots and experience a bit more of the local flavour!


Presentation (5): 4

Taste (5): 4

Service (5): 5

Atmosphere (5): 4.5

TOTAL: 17.5/20

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