Torpe, Armadale 3143

If I could use one word to describe my Torpe experience it would be…heartbreak. The food was by no means bad but with the signature dishes nowhere to be seen the mood was somber for weekly brunch.

Torpe is a little cosy cafe off the main bustle of High Street. The decor is a gorgeous meld of vintage modern which I loved Walking in this really excited me as well as the prospect of their signature dishes which I’ve seen everywhere on insta. Before getting on to that I do have to say you should expect to wait for your food here as we waited 30 mins or more for food and it wasn’t overly busy. Loved the old school R&B playlist but it was a bit loud for conversation inside too.

Cutting to the chase, we arrived at 11.30am on a Saturday full of excitement for the Peanut Butter Pancakes and Matcha Waffle. Plastered all over social media and promoted quite heavily by them - we were pumped. Sadly after a lot of confusion by staff we were told the pancakes were sold out….then 5 mins after orders were taken were informed that the waffles were too. Honestly it was a bit early to have sold out as this was before the main lunch rush. I was also a bit disappointed by the confusion and back and forth of the experience too.

Anyway…on to what we did manage to have, Hollandaise Eggs (Apple yuzu hollandaise, baby spinach, pumpkin sourdough). I really enjoyed the dish but was quite disappointed by the experience around it. We weren’t prompted regarding our choice of protein and as a result missed out. We misread the menu and didn’t see the options but staff should’ve let us know of this free option. It was otherwise a great dish but it was missing the protein for me. Pumpkin sourdough was gorgeous, good acidity to the hollandaise…just no protein which would’ve topped it all off.

The Shakshuka baked eggs (Roasted capsicum and tomato ragu, eggplant, 2 eggs, smoked scamorza, egyptian nut dukkah, butter bean hummus, fresh herbs, multigrain) were probably the saving grace of this visit to Torpe. Yummy baked eggs with a nice freshness from the tomato and a different pang of herbiness with every bite which was a nice surprise. I loved the flavours and how they just came into a great mushy mess. The yolk of the eggs was a tad overcooked so we were without some of that nice creaminess but it was still yum.

Honestly, for a new cafe it’s doing well and the hype around it does seem deserved. There needs to be a pick up in service and friendliness by staff and I guess a better understanding of the customer. I’m not sure if I’ll be back to try the pancakes and waffles but if you live around the area I recommend giving it a shot for the savouries.


Presentation (5): 3.5

Taste (5): 4

Service (5): 3

Atmosphere (5): 4

TOTAL: 14.5/20

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