AU79, Abbotsford 3067

Finally bit the bullet and went to AU79 in the face of its legendary lines. The days of 2 hour waits are over so its my turn to see how this hype spot does with brunch.

First, damn this place is beautiful. Spacious and organic…it feels like you’ve stepped into some zen warehouse. The plants and the decorations soften the space and really bring a sense of calm. I wish it was easier to talk though as it was quite echoey and hard to hear for a busy Saturday.


The Beef Brisket Benedict (Potato hash, pulled beef brisket, pickled vegetables, poached eggs and sriracha hollandaise) was fairly average. I found the brisket was flavoured too strongly with pepper and as a result it overwhelmed all the other flavours on the plate. The cauliflower was meant to have the acidity to balance it as did the creaminess of the egg yolk but it just wasn’t enough. Trying it with the less peppery pieces of brisket did allow me to see how it should’ve worked though. Potato hash was the shining light through it all though and I wish there was so much more of it to be a worth adversary to the brisket and be a vehicle to reduce its flavour.

The Banana Brûlée Waffle Belgian Waffle (Banana brûlée, vanilla ice cream, fresh summer berries, popping candy, meringue and chocolate sauce) were another so-so dish. It really didn’t need the chocolate and it actually worked against the dish - overwhelming the other fresh flavours. The crunch of popping candy and the caramel was more than enough crunch on the plate so the crunchy meringue was not necessary, a softer meringue would’ve been better suited. Honestly there was so much going on that I couldn’t really taste the waffle in it all. Overall, not a very complementary dish and not much to be impressed about - the ice cream and berries were the highlight…?

The Iced Mocha was SO YUM. Perfect sweetness and flavour, might’ve been my favourite dish of the day.

Honestly, not worth the hype that I’ve heard around it. The food wasn’t great and though the atmosphere and the zen decor would tempt me back…I need a good meal for my brunch needs. If you’re looking for a coffee or a drink over a nice chat though, this might be the place for you.


Presentation (5): 3.5

Taste (5): 2.5

Service (5): 4

Atmosphere (5): 4

TOTAL: 14/20

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