No.19, Ascot Vale 3032 - SUMMER MENU SPECIAL

No.19, Ascot Vale 3032 - SUMMER MENU SPECIAL

As summer comes around, here comes all the delicious summer menus coming out of hibernation! First off the post is No.19 who is once again showing the brunch scene how it’s done with an amazing line up of dishes!

Beautiful as expected with fabulous lighting and a bright modern feel. The staff were really friendly and attentive and I'm not just saying that because I was invited there - watching those around us and they were treated the same. It's a sign of a place that really does care about it's customers.


The Salmon and Avocado Bowl (Torched, salmon, avocado, ginger, spiced kewpie, sauteed spinach, sesame oil, brown rice, poached egg) has the most perfectly cooked elements. The rice was al dente, salmon was pink and soft and avo was ultra creamy AF…so yum! It was missing a little zing from some citrus but the small amount of ginger helped a bit to lighten it up and add some acidity. The kewpie mayo was stirred in amongst it all and melded everything so well together and cohesively. A nice healthy dish to start off with!

The Mac & Cheese Hot Dog (Macaroni, brioche, cheesy kransky sausage, grilled onion, chorizo crumble, chives, french fries) was not a standard brunch dish but an impressive lunch dish! The combination of elements created a sausage sizzle feel which I loved with the bitterness of the burnt char from the onions and the soft bun. The kransky had a nice kick of spice to it that worked well with the mac and cheese…with the mac and cheese calming the heat of it right down. Top notch stuff on this dish and great in the aftermath of a greasy night out.

On to dessert, Strawberry Cheesecake (Strawberry consomme, passionfruit & ginger curd, lemon marshmallow, sesame tuille, vanilla ice cream) was not as impressive to taste as it was to look at. I found that the tuille was burnt so I didn’t really get any flavour from it apart from char and when eaten with other elements overwhelmed any other flavours there. When eaten separately I enjoyed the cheese cake with a dip of strawberry consomme for acidity. The fruits and curd add a little something extra and a point of difference to each bite too. This dish was the definition of variety, mixing it up and innovation. Only two pieces of feedback here would be the tuille and the random marshmallow on the plate.

The Cappuccino Thickshake is SO DELICIOUS. A nice balance of coffee and sweet and so much so I couldn’t stop drinking it.

Bananarama Smoothie (Banana, cinnamon, yoghurt, honey, milk) tasted very natural. Overwhelming taste of cinnamon that was enhanced by the drink not being cold - would’ve preferred a thicker texture, perhaps using frozen banana to add some chill to it too?

Overall, it was another enjoyable experience at No.19. The flavours are on point as always and I think the only let down would be dessert but on an upside the chocolate brioche french toast is still on the menu so check out that DELICIOUS and WONDEROUS dish out instead. Would definitely recommend a trip to No.19 next time you’re in town!


Presentation (5): 5

Taste (5): 4.5

Service (5): 4.5

Atmosphere (5): 4

TOTAL: 18/20

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