Bowls Baby, Essendon 3040

Something a bit different to end the year, I was invited to Bowls Baby to try out their in-house smoothie and salad bowls. Beautifully fitted out much like its sister cafes (Pinkie, St.Rose, No.19) it is a new take on a quick brunch and a great spot to start your health kick!

Pink overload is the first thing I thought of when I walked in. Beautifully designed and welcoming, I almost felt like I was at a beach side spot. Specialising in take away smoothies, smoothie bowls and salad bowls, Bowls Baby appeals to the health kick that most millennials are into these days with a fun kick to it. As pretty as it is its all about the food so read on for more on what I tried!


Boy Blue (Blueberries, chocolate protein, natural peanut butter, almond milk topped with chocolate granola, blueberries, coconut) was my first ever smoothie bowl and boy did it not disappoint! Very textural and fresh with a big hit of coconut to finish it off. I enjoyed the crunch of the granola and its contrast with the smoothie blend and chewiness of the dried berries. The extra touch of different cooking methods applied to the blueberries created a textural bonanza that I loved and really liked the thought put into it.

Herbed Chicken (Chicken, pesto, baby cos, fennel, cucumber, wombok, cauliflower quinoa, mint, radish, parmesan vinaigrette) was much like all salads that live and die by its dressing and this parmesan vinaigrette was the absolute bomb. It added a salty umami flavour to the overall dish which was great for a non-salad lover like me. Chicken well cooked and warm so it balanced the cold salad. The serving was also very generous. My only critique would be that a dish called herb chicken should have a couple more herbs coated on it…really could’ve made the dish pop more if it did.

Golden (Banana, roasted walnuts, vanilla bean, maple, soy milk, raw dark chocolate) was a very layered smoothie, I could taste almost every element. Once mixed up though it was very flavourful with an immediate hit of banana then an undercurrent of walnuts. Would’ve loved a bit more sweetness to it…maybe a bit more maple syrup.

Double PB (Natural peanut butter, chocolate protein, banana, dates, maca, almond milk) is a peanut butter lover’s dream with the peanut butter flavour hitting you in the face from the very first sip. There is an undercurrent of sweetness from the date and banana though which was a nice sweet aftertaste.

Bowls Baby was a surprising hit for me. The flavours and textures were all new to me but also incredibly enjoyable to taste. If I lived in the area I could picture myself heading down here regularly for my weekly healthy meal. If you live in the northern suburbs of Melbourne or are in the area I highly recommend heading here before the fuss about it really kicks up!


Presentation (5): 4.5

Taste (5): 4

Service (5): 4

Atmosphere (5): 5

TOTAL: 17.5/20

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