Billy's Central, Melbourne CBD 3000

What better way to celebrate the start of the weekend than an invitation out to brunch?! Billy's Central is located in the heart of Melbourne Central - the perfect spot for a coffee break from shopping and to get some much needed fuel to keep going!

As mentioned I was invited to Billy's Central to try out their brunch menu. One of a couple of cafes in their group - it's fairly roomy for a city cafe with plenty of space and tables. It's also situated away from the food court allowing the cafe to create its own vibes and atmosphere. Calm and quiet with extremely attentive was a great start to brunch.

First up in our feast was the Mooloolaba Crab Omelette (W'nguja, green chilli, roast tomatoes, herbs, sourdough). To be honest it was an okay dish with a good amount of crab and a bit too much chilli so not great for those that are averse to spice. The sauces were a great addition to add flavour but my main complaint is that the egg needed an additional oomph to add the wow factor. Asian inspired dishes are all about the flavour but this was missing on the main component - the egg.

This Pastrami Benedict (Blackmore pastrami, poached eggs, pickled dill, potato waffle, brown butter hollandaise) set itself apart with its unique use of pastrami rather than bacon that pays off in dividends with its salty and caramel-y flavours and textures. The poached egg was perfectly done that added a gooey yolky sauce to the dish that made up for the lack of sauce on the plate. The potatoes were also a yummy and different addition but could've been crispier to add a little more texture.

The Dark Chocolate Pancake (Raspberries, meringue crumbs, apple sorbet, raspberry infused almond milk)...was a strange dish. I'm unsure how to really describe it so let's start with the positives. The chocolate pancake had a great texture and flavour which was a great foundation for the dish. I also really like the use of easter egg chocolate to decorate the dish which was a fun and festive touch. This is where the great things ended though - the apple sorbet was out of place on the dish and too artificial tasting, I couldn't place the flavour of the cream and the chocolate sauce was too rich. The main flaw of this dish was that there was just too much there and the balance of flavours was off. A far simpler dish would've been better off.

Side dish that we had were the chips with halloumi that were great and were quite similar to Schnitz with an extremely generous serving.

The smoothies we had (berry and banana) were good with strong banana flavours and berry flavours. The cinnamon in the banana smooth was a particular standout in flavour. Highly recommend.

Overall, for a cafe that is just starting to gain traction in a highly competitive market it isn't bad. I would definitely drop in for a drink or a quick lunch if I'm in the area or in between shopping sessions. :)


Presentation (5): 3

Taste (5): 3

Service (5): 4.5

Atmosphere (5): 4

TOTAL: 14.5/20

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