Miznon, Melbourne CBD 3000

Starting to feel like the luckiest girl in the world as I was invited out to the hottest restaurant in town at the moment - Miznon. This Israeli restaurant seems rough around the edges when you walk in but the experience is second to none and the food will blow your mind!

The atmosphere when you first walk in is so authentic and friendly. I went in with not much of an understanding of Israeli food but boy did I leave realising one main thing - I LOVE IT. By no means is this fine dining. This restaurant is all about good authentic food made with heart and you can feel it with every bite you get.

We had a LOT of courses so here is run down on each below but if you'd like me to summarise...I LOVED IT SO GET HERE FAST!

  • Free bread to begin with is soft and delicious and is the perfect snack while waiting for your dishes.
  • Sweet Potato (Sour cream, Atlantic salt) was perfectly cooked and soft...being able to cut through it with a spoon. The sour cream adds a fresh creaminess that switches up the flavour Additional elements such as the cream are kept to the side so you can add it when you like to mix it up bite to bite. The charred skin added a nice bitterness as well.

  • Roast Beef (Tomato seeds, chili, black pepper, olive oil) was well seared but was served cold, surprisingly it still holds all its moisture despite this. The spices used added some nice flavour to the tender meat. 

  • RUN OVER (Potato, butter, sour crème, garlic, herbs) is served so hot and buttery but is packed full of flavour. There is a citrusy flavour somewhere in there as well that cuts through the butter - bringing some much needed relief so you can keep coming back for more.

  • Baby Cauliflower Flower is served so rusticity in a paper bag. Inside it is charred and steamed to perfection, taking on an almost buttery texture. I personally loved eating it with the charred bits as it gave an extra texture to the softness and a much needed bitterness.

  • Bag of Golden Meat (Brisket. Onions, black pepper) is once again cooked perfectly and is jam packed with rich flavours. It seems to be stewed cream and it’s own juices below keep it moist. Flawless.

  • Bag of Green Beans (Garlic, lemon, olive oil) was a welcomed dish after so much meat and added some freshness to our palates. They were a little under though and hard to eat but crisp and fresh.

  • Minute Steak (Tahini, Chilli, tomato, pickles, onions) was sandwiched between a beautiful pita with a soft texture to it. Wouldn't have minded some more veggies in there. Be aware it is a very heavy dish so share if you can!

  • Hraime (Spicy fish, tahini, chilli) also known as spicy fish definitely lives up to its name. It is cooked whole so watch out for bones. The fish is moist - not stringy at all.

  • Ocean & Earth (Ling, potato, aioli, onion) was an iffy dish to me as the fish was hard and fried so texture was a bit like fish and chips - a tad stringy for me.The saltiness was nice and a throwback to less creamy dishes that had just been served - I enjoyed the change.

  • The Best Chocolate Mousse (Valrohna) definitely lived up to its name! Not your usual mousse as it wasn't creamy and smooth but the pockets of sugar crystals and dark chocolate offered pops of surprise. It is served with a bit of cream which offers some change between the sweetness.


Presentation (5): 4.5

Taste (5): 5

Service (5): 4.5

Atmosphere (5): 5

TOTAL: 19/20

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