Clubhouse Malvern, Malvern 3144

Bentwood, Tinker, Penta - the list of highlights from the team behind Clubhouse is basically a roll call of the best brunch spots in Melbourne. Clubhouse has a legacy to live up to but does it succeed it delighting the taste-buds?

A beautiful, big and bright space that is ULTRA busy at the moment as the hype of their new opening continues on. As a result the wait for food is quite long but the wait for a table isn't - so not the best spot if you're hangry. Other side effects of this are the ambient noise which is REALLY LOUD and really distracting as well as really busy staff that come off a little rude because of the rush.

The Mojo Benny (Cuban pulled pork, cheddar cornbread waffle, guacamole, chipotle hollandaise, two poached eggs) was first up and was really flavoursome and well seasoned. I genuinely don't have any complaints as it was so well executed. There was the crispy waffle which was fluffy on the inside with plenty of spices. Thought there was the hollandaise, the yolk was great for bringing the dish's elements together like a sauce and mixed in with the hollandaise for a little extra flavour.

Next to probably the most well known dish here; the Black Forest Pannacotta (Chocolate pannacotta, vanilla coral sponge, raspberry jelly, lace cookie, pomegranate molasses, biscuit crumb). It was nothing short of amazing as the texture was on point, soft with a bit of a wobble on it. Personally my favourite bit of the dish was the raspberry jelly as it was so fresh and tasted like perfection; could've been a dish in itself to be honest. The only issue I had was the bread which tasted  a bit too stale and was hard to eat. It did have an enjoyable flavour and great as a vehicle to get to that delicious sauce. Over the dish really did remind me of a blackforest cake!

Last but not least, the Blossom Hotcakes (Salted caramel, strawberries, vanilla mascarpone, dark chocolate meringue, raspberry curd). They were so thick and fluffy with some really delicious accompanying elements such as the meringue and the sauce. Another great element was the mascapone which added some moistness to the pancake, something the salted caramel didn't achieve. That particularly didn't work on the plate and felt out of place.

Just like its sister restaurants, the Mango Smoothie (Mango, coconut milk, yoghurt, honey) was ultra mango-ey...I loved it.

Almost faultless on taste...I would highly recommend this spot once the hype dies down to try the EXCELLENT food. A bit on the pricier side of brunch but I believe well worth it for the food you get. Get here and be ready to demolish as many dishes as you can!


Presentation (5): 4.5

Taste (5): 5

Service (5): 3

Atmosphere (5): 3.5

TOTAL: 16/20


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