Chinacy, South Yarra 3141

Chinacy is the latest Asian fusion spot on Chapel Street. I had the pleasure of attending their launch party to get a taste of their menu. An eight course menu and a number of cocktails later...I'm ready to pass my verdict on this new and vibrant restaurant.

I really enjoyed the atmosphere and the decor of Chinacy with a modern asian feel which perfectly reflects their menu which focuses on making Chinese food 'cool' much like Japanese has recently done recently. A beautiful setting and some lovely live traditional Chinese music (happens once a week)...I was more than ready for the food (and PLENTY of drinks)!

Since there were just SO many dishes tried I've dot pointed my main points on each dish below but if it's TL;DR - just go check out this new asian spot and experience its amazing energy and flavourful offerings yourself!

  • Beijing Bellini is a cocktail made up of lychee liqueur and prosecco. This drink was a good balance of sweet and bubbly with the lychee flavour not being too strong. It would be quite easy to down a few of these without even realising's THAT delicious.
  • The Char Siew Hand Bun (Barbecued pork, cucumber, chilli sauce, coriander) had one hell of a punch of chilli so those who don't like spice be warned! Up side thought was the coriander and cucumber kinda cooled it down, allowing you to taste some more of the flavours. My only complaint is there was not much of the char siew flavour and could've had some more juice as the meat was a little dry. Bun was perfection though.
  • The Raw Australian Hiramasa Kingfish (Fragrant spring onions, tamari, daikon) was very refreshing with the daikon adding some difference in texture and added a little something unique to the dish. Also, I don’t normally like spring onions but its addition here as a sauce was quite nice and sweet.
  • The Chicken & Scallop Dumplings (Gingered Chinkiang vinegar dressing) was pretty standard for a Chinese spot and well flavoured. Technicalities but this is more of a wonton than a dumpling (same difference to be honest though). I liked the the soy dressing it was served in that was quite sweet but complemented the meat mixture well. The mixture was the right density so it didn't soak up too much of the sauce or go soggy so it was enjoyable to taste.
  • The Crispy Salted Duck Egg Calamari (Curry leaf, chilli, lemon) was perfection with the difference being tasted in the DELICIOUS batter. You can taste the difference that the salted duck egg adds to it. It really made the dish shine. The calamari was also cooked well and the extra spice lifted the dish to the next level on the flavour scale.
  • The Drunken Mushrooms (Shiitake, enoki & king brown mushrooms, shaoxing wine, garlic chives) were ok...I really wanted more texture and difference in flavour as everything was a bit 'soft' and melted in together...kinda like noodles that are left in broth too long.
  • Sour Plum was a cocktail that is available that lives up to its name... it is incredibly sour but with a hint of sweetness from the plum - great for those wanting to eat into the sweet drinks but normally love savouries.
  • The Pan-Fried Salmon (Peanut, coriander & yuzu paste, kale and Thai basil) was soft and perfectly cooked which really worked with the rest of the dish as it was quite textural with the pesto, fish and crispy skin. The crispy skin was a highlight as it was so flavourful but it also made it really obvious that the flesh of the salmon was under seasoned in comparison. Could've been more of a 'wow' dish if this was fixed.
  • The Char-grilled Cape Grimm Porterhouse Steak (MBS4+ 300GM) (Ginger scallion sauce, chives and daikon) has a definite spice kick to it. There are lots of textures from the different in this dish and also a lot of flavours that perfectly nail the Asian flavours that the restaurant is inspired by. Only downside was that though the steak was perfectly pink it was also strangely a little chewy.
  • The Vegetarian Fried Rice (Peas, carrot, corn, mushrooms) was your standard westernised fried rice. Not much else to say but is needed to up the flavour stakes to be traditional.
  • The Osmanthus & Jasmine Poached Pear (Orange granita, sesame tuile) was done to perfection with the poached pear being soft - indicating it was well poached. It was a Very tropical and tangy dish which I enjoyed. The combination of flavours really complemented each other with the very sweet granita working with the sesame tuile which added some warmth to the dish as well as some bitterness.


Presentation (5): 4

Taste (5): 4

Service (5): 5

Atmosphere (5): 5

TOTAL: 18/20

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