Twenty Pho Seven, Melbourne CBD 3000

Who doesn't want to be able to fulfil their pho cravings at any hour of the day?! Twenty Pho Seven is perfectly located in the middle of the CBD, ready to fulfil your night out cravings no matter if it's at 3pm or 2am.

I was invited out to Twenty Pho Seven to enjoy their traditional Vietnamese offerings. Coming from a Vietnamese background, I was quite skeptical as I have had my fair share of flavourless and non traditional pho. Walking in though you're confronted with a direct view into the kitchen - where you can hear the Vietnamese flowing and even a Vietnamese mum at the stove. To say I was excited was an understatement.

Our lovely host Taeeun gave us a run down on her favourite dishes which we decided to try out to try out the best of the best here. So first up we had the Crispy Pork Belly Rice Paper Rolls (Cucumber, mint, lettuce, vermicelli with peanut sauce) which were actually really good. The pork had some great flavour and had been seasoned to perfect, only downside was that it could've had some crispier skin. The technique of the rolling was tight making it easier to eat and less of a mess which I was grateful for. It was otherwise your average rice paper roll with a relatively traditional dipping sauce with a nice kick to it.

To keep things interesting between courses I had the Good Morning Vietnam (Vodka, Kahlua, Vietnamese coffee) cocktail that was not too alcoholic so that you could definitely get the flavours of condensed milk coming through. Great for the non-coffee drinker looking to try out an espresso martini for the first time.

Time for mains, I got the Sliced Beef and Brisket Pho with Beef Balls  which was GREAT. The sliced beef is served the traditional way which is raw and the broth is used to cook it to the perfect pink tenderness. The additional of the brisket is new for me but it was great as the fatty goodness gave it some extra flavour that simply melted in my mouth. The most important part of pho though - the broth. There was a depth of flavour to the beef broth that made it quite familiar and traditional to my taste buds and controversially was on par to Springvale or Footscray's versions. It is the most authentic pho I’ve tried in terms of westernised pho spots!

Followed the pho up with a second cocktail, the Straight Outta Saigon (Gin, elderflower, cucumber, soda). It tasted like what I imagine nectar would taste like - quite sweet and tart. The cucumber on the side was a good refresher to bite on along the way to break up the sweetness.

Overall this was a great experience. The food is fast like it should be for an asian diner like this. The service could be a bit tighter in terms of orders and correct dishes being served (had a couple of issues) but otherwise most of the waitresses were very friendly. Save this spot for a night out with friends or after a night hitting the town as its quite loud and 'partyish'. 


Presentation (5): 3.5

Taste (5): 4

Service (5): 4

Atmosphere (5): 3.5

TOTAL: 15/20

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