Pinkie, Ivanhoe 3079

I never say no to brunch...even if it is a late one. I was lucky enough to be invited to one of the most popular cafes on Instagram, Pinkie. Behind the beautiful photos and even prettier dishes this cafe delivers on the food in a big way so keep reading to learn what you should order!

Seriously though, this cafe is beautiful and insanely instaworthy (also lighting is on point!). I'll admit I was expecting a great atmosphere and service -it definitely delivered having a good measure of chill vibes and shiny decor. It is somewhere I can picture spending a couple of hours gossiping with the girls over some good drinks...which I did do!

Probably the dish I was most excited for was the Corn Toast (Charred corn, miso butter, bacon, herbs, poached egg, toast) which I have to say...met every expectation and then went well above it. IT WAS AMAZING. Definitely overloaded with corn which was fine by me but if you hate it or feel indifferent - this is not the dish for you. I loved the textures and the freshness of the dish which is all because of the corn.  The mix of creamy yolk, light purée and corn was indescribably good. On top of it all there was the saltiness of the bacon which was a welcome relief from the other sweet dish.

Bit of a break from food, we also had the Oreo Milkshake (Oreo, ice cream, malt, milk) which I'm happy to say wasn't watered down at all like the usual milk shake. They didn't compromise on the Oreo flavour at all. It had the texture of a thick-shake and added a lovely crunch from the Oreo biscuit pieces.

Next was our side, the Sweet Potato Chips. The usual....soft and crispy so the best of both worlds in terms of textures and it was well seasoned. You can't really go wrong with sweet potato chips.

Ahhhh...I thought I would love this but the Sweet n' Salty Pancakes (Whipped honey ricotta, salty dulce de leche, banana, raspberry, white chocolate crumbs) were just ok in my books. For such a popular dish I expected quite a lot and maybe my expectations were too high. I enjoyed the pancake but the whipped honey ricotta was a bit strange in texture and taste. I think it could've done with a mascarpone instead as the crumble was delicious and delivered on the salt in spades. Apart from that the banana was a nice surprise that offset the ricotta taste but some extra dulce de leche would've helped too. The ricotta was everywhere so I struggled to appreciate the other elements as a result.

A great cafe that even one average dish won't stop me coming back. Head here, enjoy a excellent milkshake and promise me that you will order that CORN TOAST....probably my favourite dish of this year so far!


Presentation (5): 5

Taste (5): 4.5

Service (5): 5

Atmosphere (5): 5

TOTAL: 19.5/20

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