Tahina, Fitzroy 3065

his is the moment that most people have been waiting for - Hangry Dreamer reviews a vegetarian restaurant. Being the carnivore that I am, I was nervous but excited about going to my first vego restaurant but boy am I glad I went. The beautiful Israeli flavours from Tahina were the perfect introduction to excellent vegetarian food!

This new branch of Tahina is located on the always bustling Brunswick Street so its bound for success in the future but being a week old - the atmosphere was quite quiet. With a beautiful courtyard (with heating) I can imagine this spot being quite the fun place to enjoy a casual meal before heading out for a big night on the town.

Because there were just so many dishes I've listed them below but long story short - head here for something a bit different in town and prepare to be amazing - even you carnivores out there!

  • Cauliflower Papiot (Slow roasted baby cauliflower, hummus, lemon, tahini): Cauliflower is LOVE. Creamy and soft and the addition of hummus was yum. I think there needed to be more paprika to add some spice and wow factor to the dish. I also wish there had been some extra crunch from a charred on the cauliflower.

  • Roasted Eggplant (Hummus, half a roasted eggplant, zaatar kale chips, tahini): Very much like a perfectly cooked eggplant steak. I really enjoyed the crispiness of the kale chips which added an extra dimension to the dish. I also really enjoy the mixture of kale eggplant and hummus - by far my favourite salad/veggie dish I've ever had. The charred burnt flavour on the eggplant skin added a bit of depth to the dish as well. My only complaint would be that the tahini on top of the kale chips made it a bit soggy after a while so eat it fast to enjoy it!

  • Red Shakshuka (Two free range eggs, traditional tomato base, mixed herbs): The shakshuka was AMAZING and one of my favourite dishes of the night. I loved the combination of tomato, herb and egg and the depth it created in the dish. The freshness of tomato chunks was great in breaking up the creaminess of the yolk - creating a contrasting but delicious combination.

  • Falafel Salad (3 red falafels, 3 green falafels, hummus, Israeli salad, spicy green salad, pickled cabbage, tahini, parsley, zaatar spice, pita): A refreshing option with a lot of pickled flavours and different veggies creating a harmonious dish. The falafels were good in general but needed a bit more salt for an oomph to the dish. The pita was really fluffy...loved it!

  • Sabich Pita Pocket (Sliced eggplant, free range hard egg, potatoes, hummus, Israeli salad, pickled cabbage, tahini): A really filling option so make sure you only order this if you're hungry! Personally too spicy for me but it had a good flavour to it. It was packed full of veggies and the creaminess of the pumpkin just helped bring it together. Only complaint would be the mushroom felt a bit out of place.

  • Salted Caramel Smoothie (Banana, medjool dates, Himalayan sea salt, coconut nectar, almond, milk, ice): I considered this drink to be more so a banana smoothie as a I didn't get much of the salted caramel flavour. I liked how this it was with some extra textural pieces like to like the crispy coconut shards.

  • Purple Protein Boost (Acai, blueberries, raw vanilla protein, almond butter, coconut water, ice): Delicious with a slightly nutty peanut butter cup taste with a tad of fruit. Who would've thought almonds and berries blended together would taste so good?! It's an excellent tasty drink to trick yourself into being healthy!

  • Vegan Chocolate Souffle (Chunks of vanilla halva, halva fairy floss: The chocolate souffle was more of a moist chocolate cake but I did love the depth of flavour of the chocolate and its light flavour. Would've preferred the pistachios to be toasted to add some extra flavour and take out the chewiness of the nuts.


Presentation (5): 4

Taste (5): 4

Service (5): 4

Atmosphere (5): 4

TOTAL: 16/20

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