Rock Sugar, South Yarra 3141

Another day, another night on the town - this time at Rock Sugar! I've seen this place all over my Insta feed for its insane looking cocktails and asian fusion inspired dishes so I was ecstatic to be invited to try it. Looking exactly as cool as you'd expect but did it taste as good?!

Walking in it reminded me a lot of Mr Miyagi with the ambient lights and cool neon signage on the wall. Definitely a good start. The space is also smaller than expected so it actually is quite cosy and loud...perhaps not for a date but pre a night out to get you hyped up. The tables were a little on the small side though - we were dropping things left right and centre from the moment we got to the table but the service was great because staff never seemed to get annoyed at it. Thumbs up for that

As pretty as everything was from the decor to the dishes there was something missing - wow factor. Though overall I didn't mind the flavours there was no umph or wow normally associated with asian food. It was almost like more effort was put into looks than the food. I do give it a massive thumbs up for the drinks though as they are different and good for the insta. Head here before a night out and some pre drinks to start out the night. 

  • Love You Long Thai Milk Tea: A Thai milk tea cocktail that was strangely a bit sour. The tapioca was done well though and was the right amount of due and I liked the texture in the drink. Perhaps wanted some more creaminess to it.
  • Steamed Buns (Soft shell crab, pickled papaya, green onion, chilli jam): This was delicious with the creamy mayo. I loved the bun's flavour but also how it soaked up the juices. The salad a really fresh addition that made the elements combination top notch.
  • Sriracha Butter Corn on the Cob (Mint, coriander, chilli salt): There's a real kick of spice to the corn. I think it could’ve done with a creamier element to dial down the heat. I lost the freshness of the corn in the spiciness. 
  • Hiramasa Kingfish (Cucumber, chilli, salmon roe): This was my favourite dish of the night, I loved the kingfish. The crunchy fish flakes on top were yum with the salmon roe adding a salty sea flavour that I actually enjoyed. The freshness of radish and pickles added a pop of acidity to the dish. A well tuned orchestra of textures in this dish.
  • Massaman Curry (18hr beef shin, peanuts, potato, coriander, pickled shallots): The actual curry was nice but I really needed some more depth amongst the creamy sauce. The beef was cooked perfectly...and probably was the only element that was because the potatoes were still quite hard - could've done with a little longer in the sauce. If you do decide to try this dish though....get the coconut rice as it is the perfect accompaniment.
  • Pork Belly (Nam prik, pepper caramel): I think that this might've been a bit too sweet. The fat also needed to be rendered down more as it was quite fatty and jelly like. As much as I enjoy crackle I wanted some crispy skin on the belly rather than the wafer like crackle as decoration - I needed the additional flavour.
  • Mango Tango (Coconut panna cotta): DELISH - I loved the mix of mango, coconut and nuts that was a nice fruity creaminess in the mouth. The nuts added a little crunch and warmth to the dish too. The coconut garnish also gave a softer crispiness that also added a less sweet coconut flavour. Top notch dessert!
  • Salted Caramel Mocha Martini (Vodka, coffee, Baileys, chocolate, toasted marshmallows): Basically an espresso martini with a sweeter kick to it. Very smooth but I think it could’ve done with toasted marshmallows to accentuate the bitterness and add some complexity. I loved this drink though - went down well and could've done with another one to be honest!


Presentation (5): 4.5

Taste (5): 3.5

Service (5): 4

Atmosphere (5): 3.5

TOTAL: 15.5/20

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