Little Odessa Wine Bar, Fitzroy 3065

Fun fact about me: One of my FAVOURITE cuisines is Polish. Finding out there was a new restaurant in town meant I HAD to check it out. Little Odessa is just off Brunswick Street in and amongst the best bars in town. Is this the perfect pre drink meal? Lets find out!

This new spot is so simple, intimate and cosy I can imagine being their for a romantic date or dinner with a group of my closest friends. Though I describe it as cosy, it is quite spacious put gives off a small impression, reflecting its Eastern European roots with dark simple furniture and artwork.

We had quite a few dishes so refer below for my recommendations but to cut this blog short - THIS IS A MUST GO! You can't go past some good wholesome Polish food - especially with the winter blues coming on in Melbourne!

  • Borscht: In case you aren't aware, this is a beetroot based soup originating from the Eastern European area. The soup was quite sweet and there could’ve been more types of vegetables and textures to mix it up and add some further depth. Very small serving but delcious none the less.
  • Pork and Apple Pierogi: The meast based pierogi was a bit dry but very filling so don't splurge on too many to start off with! It could’ve done with far more flavour compared to others I've had
  • Potato and Cabbage Pierogi: DELICIOUS. Loved the creamy flavour and the salt lifted it to the next level. Would HIGHLY recommend ordering this one...with multiple servings.
  • Slow cooked Beef Goulash (Fried bread): Goulash was an interesting flavour combination but delicious. I really enjoyed the coating of spices that brought the dish together. Fried bread was yummmmmay and added some crispness and texture.
  • Pan-fried asparagus (Beetroot knoephla, garlic crisps): I'm not normally a fan of a green veggie but this one was quite nice! Soft to eat with alot of flavour coming from the garlic. Veggies done right :)
  • Butterflied Roast Chicken (Red cabbage and date stuffing, grilled leek, roast fennel): Chicken was moist and well cooked. A nice filler for the stomach to bulk up but lacked a bit of wow factor to compliment the excellent roast.
  • Rotating Cheese and Cured meats : Hvatkia cheese was delicious and not too hard - ‘bouncy’. Cabana was delicious and the mix of textures with the quince paste really was a party in your mouth.
  • Layered Honey Cake (Honeycomb crumble, vanilla pastry cream): Honey cake on point and I've never had anything like it before. Great mix of cream, sponge and honey cake. Refreshing after a heavy meal. I would highly recommend ordering this one!
  • Caramelised Apple Cake (Citrus Semifreddo): Apple cake had a wow factor to presentation. It could’ve had more apple. Wish it had been warmer and had more ice cream. Cake was dense so could’ve done with something to moisten it.


Presentation (5): 4

Taste (5): 4.5

Service (5): 5

Atmosphere (5): 4.5

TOTAL: 18/20

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