Prospect Espresso, Camberwell 3124

I've had my eye on this one for a loooonnngggg while. It was about time to get it off the list and to test it out on my taste buds. A tiny spot in Camberwell that's easy to miss in the hustle bustle of the shops but such a serene place to take a chill pill!

Walking in we were served and spoken to quite quickly which was great considering the hustle and bustle of brunch hour. The small and cosy space was filled with light and plants making it a lovely place to spend time in. The menu was pretty standard though with no much else apart from the usual brunch fare.

The Hash Stack (Potato hash, bacon, sriracha mayo, crispy halloumi, toasted flatbread, fried egg, pickled onion) is Prospect Espresso's twist on a good old weekend fry up. This wasn't post a night out but I imagine this would be great after one, perfect hangover food. A bit too heavy on the oil for me though, especially on the bacon and halloumi. I also found that the flatbread was an odd choice, bring too dense for the dish. I needed some fluffy and soft bread to soak up the egg and sauce. The egg was a bit under cooked which was both a downside and upside since there was then more yolk for me!

Next dish up was the Belgian Maple Waffle (Pearl sugar waffle, maple syrup, blueberry compote, poached pear, almond crumble, berries) which was a definite improvement from the last dish. The actual waffle was a bit too sweet and dense but combining it with the fruit and poached pear was delicious and worked well to complement each other. I liked the almond crumble as it provided little pops of nuttiness and additional sweetness as well as texture. My only major complaint would be the waffle was on the smaller side and not quite fillling as a single meal and a creamy element like a dollop of cream would've gone a long way on the dish.

Prospect Espresso is a great spot for a local coffee but the food needs to step it up compared to some of the other brunch spots in Camberwell. Drop by and have a chillax before a bit of shopping or a break after won't regret it :)


Presentation (5): 3

Taste (5): 3

Service (5): 4

Atmosphere (5): 4

TOTAL: 14/20

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