Punjabi Curry Cafe, Collingwood 3066

I'm quite the rookie on Indian food but I'm always up for trying a new cuisine so I headed to Punjabi Curry Cafe to try some traditional Indian food!

Traditional at it's heart it was great to see passion for the food from the waiters and a care for the food. That was amazing to see and there was also a lot of care with the space. The actual restaurant is more modern than I expected too.

We had A LOT of dishes so I've dot pointed them below. Remember I am a rookie so be aware the menu is HUGE so the world is your oyster at this spot. 

Overall, this place isn't bad to ease yourself into a new cuisine in a relatively familiar environment. 

  • Chicken Momos: There is plenty of filling and it's yum but the sauce really makes the dish though. The spice is great and isn't too overwhelming which I much appreciated as a spice rookie. The sauce is so delicious you can spoon it into your mouth on its own! 
  • Chicken Manchurian: A slightly sweeter dish that I enjoyed...reminds me of a spicy teriyaki ball. The party of spices creeps up on you so it's a slow burn up to it but again its the perfect amount of spice. Downside is that the meat is a little on the dry side. 
  • Goat Curry: A dish full of fatty meats which made the dish all the more moist and delicious. The braise on the goat was perfect and soft. The only complaint would be the soupy sauce - I wanted something thicker to really penetrate the goat and take it up to wow.
  • Lamb Rogandash: Another curry to try out and its the total opposite to the last! There's plenty of flavour in this one with a heavy spice kick to it. Beware those who hate spice. I also found it to have a very meaty flavour that was on the drier side. 
  • Daal Makhani: ANDDDD... another curry. This one was very creamy and slightly sweet but well balanced with a touch of tang and cumin. Very saucy and soupy in texture. Coriander is listed in the ingredients but I couldn't taste it at all.
  • Garlic Cheese Naan: There is A LOT OF GARLIC. Like to the point it’s spicy to taste. I love garlic but....way way way too much. It was also quite soggy though I didn't really taste any cheese. I did enjoy the char to the naan as it distracted from the garlic.
  • Saffron rice: Needed more seasoning and saffron. Was also on the dry side again...didn't really soak in the curry or sauces.


Presentation (5): 4

Taste (5): 3.5

Service (5): 4.5

Atmosphere (5): 3

TOTAL: 15/20

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