Cook & Archies, Surry Hills NSW 2010

Nothing like a weekend away for an excuse to see what Sydney has to offer for brunch! Our must try destination had to be Cook and Archies with its gorgeous interior and trendy location it had a lot to live up to and wow did it with the food.

I had high hopes for this place from what I had heard and walking in it looked promising. Beautiful decorative lights and greenery creating such a homey feeling but still keeping things modern with its high ceilings and industrial building. One of the most beautiful cafes I've stepped into to be honest. The food was also top notch and we'll get on to that later as there was one huge let down - the service. Maybe I'm too used to the Melbourne friendliness but I found the service to be quite poor and rude as we were greeted unfriendly at the door and in all our other interactions with a distinct lack of smiles. Dishes were served (or more like dropped) on the table for us with a bang and plates and drinks taken from us without asking if we were finished...even when we weren't done. The only upside of the service was that food didn't take too long to come out - but we definitely would've preferred a welcome entry instead.

Food though, I had the Truffle Omelette which was absolutely flawless. The combination of potato, perfectly cooked egg and truffles was HEAVEN and MELT IN YOUR MOUTH. The portion was also extremely generous and filling. I felt like all the textures worked so well with the creaminess of the omelette, freshness of the kale and rocket and the fragrance of the truffle. Absolutely delicious with no faults.

Dessert was the C&A's French Toast which was ok but after the wow of the omelette it was a little bit of a letdown but that flavours were still ON POINT. I don't consider it a french toast but more so a bread pudding but still...yum as. The crumble added texture to the dish that I really enjoyed and complemented the soft winter fruits well. An above average dish overall.


Damn...this Coco Mango smoothie was thick and yummy. I wasn't sure at first because of the coconut cream and coconut water used but it actually worked and imparted good flavour without overtaking the mango. Really light and non filling too so a great complement for any meal.

As much as Cook and Archies aced the flavours and food I'm still hung up on the service. Maybe just a bad day but it was quite upsetting for me and my group of friends to be treated that way...maybe it was the shock of it all. Give it the benefit of the doubt and give it a shot because the food is to die for and the flavours are something worth coming back for.


Presentation(5): 3.5

Taste (5): 4.5

Service (5): 2

Atmosphere (5): 4

TOTAL: 14/20

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