Linger Patisserie Cafe, Camberwell 3124

Linger Patisserie Cafe - A long standing cafe in the brunch heartland of Camberwell. It is so strange that this hasn't been on my radar before but the GORGEOUS pastries and cakes meant I had to get here fast!

This cafe has so much charm - mostly due to its local crowd and beautiful interior. It is attached to a church and draws most of its inspiration and interior from there with classic stained glass windows and wooden beams to support its extra ceilings. It was a great change in atmosphere from the usual brunch spot.

Service was ok with staff being quick to grab our orders and get our drinks out but slow on the food.

As much as I loved the charm of this place - the food has a fair way to go before it can stand up to others scattered in Camberwell. I want to love this place because of the obvious effort put into the desserts and pastries but I would recommend just dropping by for a mid afternoon dessert or post brunch hang out.



The Croque Moniseur was something I had to order because honestly - I've never had a bad one. Unfortunately this had to be the most average one I've had is it wasn't creamy enough. What I look forward to it a croque monsieur is the cream, cheese and the gooey mess of it but this lacked that. There was good value in the amount of ham but a lack of cheese and the crust was ultra crispy making it awkward to eat without hurting the roof of your mouth. I think this was more so a ham and cheese toastie than the croque monsieur that I'm traditionally used to.

The Soft Shell Crab Burger was also a curious dish. I really enjoyed the crispiness that the salad and crab gave to the dish but I wish it was more pronounced. The rest of the dish felt disjointed and overwhelmed the crab - which was the hero of the dish. The scrambled egg was plentiful to the eye but the flavour was lost amongst everything as well.  A far simpler dish with a lot more sauce could've made this a star but instead it was just really confusing.

The Brioche French Toast was a cinnamon doughnut in disguise on the menu. It was yum and fluffy and I was a fan of the flavour combos...I just wanted a lot more sauce. Doughnuts can be dry so something to dip could've taken it to the next level. Otherwise there was also a generous serving size which was perfect for the group of 3 we shared it amongst. This dish was by far a highlight of our brunch and also the prettiest.


Ok new section just for Linger - this place is insta famous for its amazing looking desserts and pastries so I have to call them out separately. They are insanely beautiful and detailed so I highly recommend dropping by to even just take photos of them as they are exquisite. Read below for taste but trust me - just the look of these makes it worth it to drop by.

  • The Little Rabbit (White chocolate mousse, passionfruit jelly, matcha cream, raspberry jam, dark chocolate pastry) is a beautiful white chocolate mouse which is sprayed with hardened white chocolate to create the bunny look. The mousse is extra light and the best bit of the dessert as it carries the flavour of the passionfruit and raspberry and accentuates them too. The rest of the dessert was so-so, it needed more creaminess or something heavier to counter the lightness. The dark chocolate pastry didn't seem like it had dark was more so a little on the eggy side.
  • The Cloud (Mango mousse, raspberry jelly, caramel cream, almond sponge, chocolate crispy biscuit) was...not great. The texture is quite odd and not that pleasant to eat. I was quite excited for the mango mousse but the flavour didn't really come through well and was a bit bland. The whole dessert didn't really have much differentiation - everything tasted the same day. I hope it was just an off day for this dessert as it is beautiful and was by far the best made in the cabinet.


Presentation (5): 3.5

Taste (5): 3

Service (5): 3.5

Atmosphere (5): 4

TOTAL: 14/20

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