Brother Hen, Moonee Ponds 3039

You had me at Golden Gaytime Baos - so I travelled halfway across the state to get my dose of caramel-y goodness. Did this AMAZING sounding dessert live up to its promise on paper? Read on!

Apart from my much hyped Golden Gaytime Baos - the menu was actually quite impressive with all your favourites included which made it quite hard to pick our savouries. The menu matched the environment with a classic rustic feel to the cafe that sets it apart from the cookie cutter modern cafes these days. There is also a great outdoor area out the back for those summer days, with heaters for the winter months. Service was also ultra friendly but so slow that I was positively hangry by the time food came around.

We eventually settled on the Brother Hen's Breakfast Burger (Crispy fried egg, Istra bacon, caramelised onion, American cheese, bois boudran, hash brown) which I couldn't fault at all. The delicious combo of sour relish, sweet onions, the buttery bun and crispy bacon was a match made in heaven. It was a so simple and straight forward and played off of classic flavours, which was refreshing after other brunches that try to mix things up too much. personal favourite is PLENTY OF CHEESE. SO YUM. Loved this dish and would've loved it even more as a hangover brekky.

On the flipside, The Ham Hock Benny (12 hour braised hock, poached eggs, organic apple cider hollandaise, green apple & mint salad, black salt, sourdough) was very uneventful and average...needing something to make it more wow. Edible but very very average. Not much to say.

As great as the standard menu was we couldn't miss this special, the Malteser & Nutella Hotcakes. I was ultra excited for this since I LOVE Maltesers - and the Malteser ice cream delivered as it was basically crushed up Maltesers mixed into vanilla ice cream. Can't go wrong with that. It was a good combo overall though I didn't overly enjoy the surprise Jaffa flavour in the other fluffy and beautiful pancakes. Not a fan of Jaffa myself but I could see the logic with the chocolate flavours and as a freshening element on the plate. I would've loved for the Nutella to be more overt in the dish as a sauce rather than a spread on the pancake as it kind of just got lost amongst everything else going on. Enjoyed the dish but not a huge wow dish as I was expecting.

Last but not least - the much anticipated Golden Gaytime and Nutella Bao. Here is a brief description of what sounds like heaven on a plate...a deep fried bao covered in cinammon salt which is very donut-esque with a cold, refreshing Golden Gaytime ice cream inside. It was yum as and I really enjoyed the deep fried and fluffy bao but it just didn't have the wow factor that I expected from the hype. There was also a bit too much Nutella over the ice cream that overpowered the Golden Gaytime flavour. Not a mind blowing dish but definitely yum if you love a good Nutella donut.

I would recommend heading to Brother Hen if you're in the area but don't trek across the city for it. It could be a favourite of the area but not a personal favourite overall in such a great brunch city. 


Presentation (5): 3.5

Taste (5): 3.5

Service (5): 3.5

Atmosphere (5): 3.5

TOTAL: 14/20

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