High Society Cafe, Armadale 3143

I've been spending a lot of time in Armadale as it is the wedding dress mecca of Melbourne so I thought it was about time I checked out some brunch in the area. High Society Cafe was the first up on my list - Does it live up to its classy surroundings?..I definitely believe so!

I'll be upfront - High Society Cafe is a top notch cafe and definitely worth a visit! Though the interior isn't wow or anything the great service and food sets it up for greatness. The staff are warm and accomodating and even crack the odd joke or two. It set brunch off to a great start before our feast of dishes.

The Baked Honey Glazed Ham Hock Benedict (Poached eggs, caramelised fennel, aged balsamic hollandaise, zucchini and carrot ribbon pork floss, toast) reads as a bit much but wow did everything work. An extremely yummy dish judging from the silence that fell over the table! It wasn't the prettiest dish but it was generous with a good amount of meat and sauce to make the dish truly delicious. The balsamic hollandaise was a nice twist that really amped up the flavours with a touch of saltiness. It also softened the bread so it was easier to cut and reduced the crunchiness of the crust - especially since the carrot and zucchini more than made up for a crunch. To top it all off I normally hate fennel but this is probably the first dish that I liked it on as it added a freshness to the dish. Loved this.

Next up, the Pork Belly Baos (Slow cooked pork belly braised in beer, daikon, cucumber, coriander, balsamic glaze) which were incredibly well balanced. There was a little bit of spice to it but if anything it added more to the authenticity of its South East Asian origins. The highlight of this dish though had to be the pork belly which was sooooo fatty and good but had a nice dose of veggies to clean the palate after each bite. The only downsides for this dish would be that the sauce could've been more flavourful, was a tad on the sweet side and be a bit thicker so that it didn't soak into the bao so much - made it very messy and sticky to eat.

TIME FOR DESSERT, the Pancake Stack (Buttermilk pancakes, beetroot poached pear, mascarpone, nuts, vanilla ice cream, coverture chocolate sauce) which has been all over my Instagram feed lately. OMG THIS WAS SO GOOD...probably one of my favourite pancake dishes this year. I wanted to just keeping it forever. The chocolate sauce looks rich but it is actually ultra light so it's easy to eat (and finish). The even better bit...the fluffy pancakes are drowned in the sauce which was amazing. The icy contrast of the ice cream and freshness of the fruits were also great additions to break up the flavour.

We only had 3 people but this special read too good to refuse, the Sticky Date Pudding Special. It read on paper perfectly - sticky date, butterscotch sauce, vanilla ice cream and praline and should’ve been the perfect dessert. Unfortunately it was a little dry but worked well with the sauce but...there wasn't enough sauce sadly. It had a great sticky date flavour though and the praline was yummy and simply melted in my mouth. All the making of a great sweet breakfast but the portions were a bit off is all.

I love this spot and highly recommend heading there! Delicious pancakes and on point flavours. It may not seem like much when you walk in but prepare to be wowed. High Society Cafe really does bring all the goods and more!


Presentation (5): 4

Taste (5): 5

Service (5): 5

Atmosphere (5): 4

TOTAL: 19/20

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