Jackman Eatery, Mount Waverley 3149

A brunch place with a churro menu?! A must go for me and in addition a beautiful mural of the equally beautifully Hugh Jackman. Jackman Eatery brings you in with its novel name and concept but has you leaving with a very full stomach and a satisfied sweet tooth.

I came here expecting a lot of atmosphere and energy…fair to expect considering its fun name (love a bit of Hugh Jackman). I was surprised that there wasn’t much atmosphere to the spot despite the Jackman mural in the back. It’s your standard basic cafe which lacked a warmth to it. A lot more could be done about that and making customers feel more welcome.


The Benedict (Wilted spinach, sourdough, bacon, poached eggs, grated apple & mint, hollandaise sauce) is my standard savoury brunch dish and generally place to place it can be quite average in execution but this one was definitely an exception. The hollandaise was top notch and really made the dish and brought all the elements together. The apple batons brought out the acidity in the sauce which made it fresh and spiced up each bite. If you’re going to come here…ORDER IT WITH BACON. It’s a very thick cut piece of bacon, it’s DELICIOUS and ultra fatty which is why I’m also thankful for the apple for some relief.

Apple Churro Pie (Golden crispy churro, caramelised apple, vanilla ice cream, fairy floss, caramel sauce, pistachio crumble mix) was very pretty to look at and a part of their churro menu. To have a churro menu you have to be pretty confident with your churros and Jackman Eatery has a reason to be. They are ultra crunchy on the outside and soft and fluffy on the side. Perfect. Apart from that the dish tastes exactly like a good apple pie. Only criticism would be the apple could’ve done with a little more spice to make it stand out from the ice cream more.

Pancake Stack (Fresh berries, oreo mascarpone, berries & rhubarb compote, micro popcorns, fairy floss, vanilla ice cream, maple syrup) was a bit unusual and different to your standard pancakes but in a really good way with a bit of musk to it. The highlight of this dish was the Oreo mascarpone which was ultra creamy and just the right amount of sweetness, I could’ve eaten a whole bowl of this. The actual pancake stack was home style and quite dense which made me nostalgic for mum’s pancakes when I was a kid. A fluffier pancake would’ve suited this dish much better with the other rich flavours on the plate. A bit of crunch would’ve added a bit of texture overall which would’ve been a nice addition.

Chips (Herbs & seeded mayonnaise) are delicious like Schnitz chips, well seasoned and mayo on point too.

Delicious food and I’m glad it’s around my area. This place is definitely no frills so don’t expect to be wow’ed when you walk in but wait for the food and you will definitely be satisfied with what you get. If you’re looking for a leisurely, low key brunch with no wait on a Saturday morning this is your spot!


Presentation (5): 4.5

Taste (5): 4.5

Service (5): 4

Atmosphere (5): 2

TOTAL: 15/20

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