Bicycle Thieves, Northcote 3070

Back to blogging and I’m playing catch up with Bicycle Thieves. A newbie on the brunch scene in Northcote not that the traffic or the atmosphere inside shows it - it’s absolutely buzzing! Let’s see if the food holds up too!

The interior is fairly basic with a standard interior for the brunch spots these days. I was really excited to see something different done considering the name so I was a little disappointed. It’s also really loud and echoey inside so don’t expect to have much of a conversation in here. Upside though is there is a lot of communal space within the cafe as well as space in general so you shouldn’t have too much trouble finding a table!


Breakfast ramen (Grilled kaiserfleisch, shitake, tofu, chili pangritata, soft egg, ramen noodles, ramen broth) was an absolute flavour bomb with a great mixture of salty pork, spiciness from the chilli and creaminess from the egg. Part of me wishes that this dish had a bit more tofu though - I’m a big fan of tofu and thought it could’ve done with a bit more as a palate cleanser to the big flavours. The dish could’ve done with more broth and the noodles could’ve been less overcooked but these are merely refinement issues. My only major complaint were the flakes placed on top which were too buttery and when eating it actually disconnected me from the dish and didn’t belong at all. Overall, a great dish in need a little bit of refinement.

As I am a bit late getting onto this review the other dish I tried has otherwise been removed from the menu, the Ricotta Banana Fritters. As a result I won’t be reviewing it and removed it from my scoring. My two cents though - wise decision by management to take it off the menu.

Bowl of Fries were amazing. I consider this a basic standard of any cafe. A good chip is a standard and required need and this definitely delivered. Crispy, soft and extra hot. The side of extra strong garlic aioli was delicious and the serving was very generous.

I had the iced coffee for a drink and I will warn you is not your standard iced coffee - more similar to an iced latte. The milk is whipped in with the coffee to create a smoother texture that still maintained the bitterness of the coffee. I’m a huge sweet tooth so I prefer ice cream in my iced coffees but if you’re a fan of cold coffee you’ll love this.

Overall, not a bad spot to hang out if you’re in the area and craving a coffee. Food would be great with some refinement but there is no character to set it apart from its surrounding cafes. Brunch needs a bit of heart to bring me back and this place just didn’t have enough of it unfortunately.


Presentation (5): 3.5

Taste (5): 3.5

Service (5): 4

Atmosphere (5): 3

TOTAL: 14/20

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