Sir Charles, Fitzroy 3065

Throwback to when I first started brunching 5 years ago, Sir Charles was one of my introductions to the art of brunch. Fast forward to today and I had the pleasure to be invited back to experience their new summer Asian-inspired menu!

What stood out to me most when walking into Sir Charles was how modern the interior was but how it has kept its warehouse origins with exposed beams and old signage from its history. It makes it stand out from being cookie cutter modern. There is also an obvious care from the staff for food and service, not just for myself as an invited guest but looking around it looked as though most customers got the same treatment which impressed me. Based on this impression in the first 15 minutes, I was excited to try some of the food!


The Sir Charles Benedict (Panko-crumbed eggs, sriracha hollandaise, bacon, fresh chilli on roti) had some great asian flavours which were all highly complementary to each other. Theres definitely a kick of spice so be aware. What really impressed me though was that the panko-crumbed eggs were still yolky inside! Rarely do you find a fried egg that still maintains the runny yolk but this delivered big time. The roti was perfectly done as well though probably not the best to soak up the yolk and sauce but delish and crispy anyway. The only issue this dish had was the amount of sauce that affected the balance overall. As the sauce was also so rich it was quite potent and overwhelming so it also took over a lot of the flavours and made everything a bit soggy. Great sauce, less on the plate would’ve made it much better for the dish.

Hellllllo dessert, the French Toast (Christmas pudding spiced brioche French toast, creme fraiche custard, summer berries, gingerbread white chocolate crumb) was basically a giant and moist cinnamon donut which I’m definitely not complaining about. I really enjoyed the Christmas spices and how thoroughly dipped the bread was because the toast was PERFECTLY moist. It like they thought of everything because the custard wasn’t too sugary and worked well to calm the spices whenever you need relief, and then there was the fruit for freshness. To me…this was the perfect French Toast and I could’ve eaten this alllllll day.

Loaded fries (Smoked chilli mayo, jalapeños, parmesan, coriander, spring onion) were like Schnitz chips but highly generously portioned….which is ultimate love for a chip aficionado like myself. . Another dish with some pronounced Asian flavours, primarily coming from the smoked chilli mayo. The mayo was a combo of spicy and sweet which complemented the crispy battered and salty chips well. My only complaint about it would be I WANTED MORE MAYO! Loaded fries should have an absolutely dumping of sauce which this didn’t have.

I find this place hard to fault, I’ve had to nitpick for the things I have faulted. A good brunch spot is a combination of food (most importantly), space and service and Sir Charles managed to almost get to perfection on all these points. Though I was invited this time, I wouldn’t hesitate to come back as a paying customer to try more of the menu. Highly recommend it for your go-to lists for the inner city!


Presentation (5): 4.5

Taste (5): 4.5

Service (5): 5

Atmosphere (5): 5

TOTAL: 19/20

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