The Oakleigh Doughnut Co, Oakleigh 3166

Controversially - I’ll be the first to admit that doughnuts aren’t my favourite dessert. So when TODOC reached out with an invitation I was highly sceptical but was determined to head in to it with an open mind. And wow…one visit to this place and I think I’ve been converted. Read on to find out more about my visit!

Located in the centre of Oakleigh, this place is any day you go at any time. Despite the busy-ness, the service is friendly and so quick you could mistake it for fast food! If you’re looking to eat in there are limited spots inside with a large outdoor area if the weather is nice. What a huge range of doughnuts too, I can definitely imagine coming here to chill with a friend on a nice day with a good pile of doughnuts! We came at about 8pm so we took our goods home to enjoy so I’ll be back to try this theory out soon.



The saltiness was on point with a strong peanut flavour much like the original chocolate bar. I loved the addition of rice bubbles on top to mimic the crunch and the use of hardened chocolate (not frosting!) on top, attention to detail on point here. The upside though it overall the doughnut isn’t too rich, which technically means its even better than the OG chocolate bar! On the actual doughnut though - it is beyond fluffy and light and is what I imagine a carefully made and loved doughnut would taste like.

Baked Brownie

The is was a very dense and dry doughnut. It was my least favourite doughnut of the 6 because it didn’t have that amazing fluffiness to it like the others. It was very rich as well with very little sweetness. The only thing I really enjoyed on this one was the peppermint cream which I thought was interesting and could’ve been played up more - a bit like a Mint Slice. Overall, a bit too rich for my taste but any brownie lovers out there might enjoy it more than I did.

Oreo Creme

This was one of my favourite just because the doughnut flavour really came out in this one and smashed it. If I closed my eyes and no one told me it was Oreo flavoured I would’ve just thought it was a freaking amazing plain doughnut. It was disappointing not to taste the Oreo but I can’t say I missed it much, maybe it would’ve been better to incorporate the Oreo into the batter to enhance it.


I had to look this one up but it is inspired by Galaktoboureko, a Greek dessert made of semolina custard in filo pastry. After reading this the dessert made a lot more sense with the custard being a lot subtler than the usual that you encounter making you question the blandness - but then adding the sugar syrup and getting hit in the face with flavour. The doughnut with the syrup on top is delicious and really does have those traditional Greek flavours in it. It is very generously stuffed with custard but I’m sure you won’t be complaining! I wish the filo decoration was a bit crispier though but as a garnish it did give a certain wow factor. Again - the actual doughnut can do no wrong (I need this recipe asap!).

Chocolate Freckle

Honestly - as I’ve grown up I’ve grown out of my milk chocolate stage so this was a bit too sweet for me but I can see this being a crowd favourite with the kids. Perhaps to widen the audience it could’ve been a drizzle instead of a coating of milk chocolate but hey, the fun of it is in the dunk. The freckles served a greater purpose than decoration and also offered some crunch which I liked with every bite.

Passionfruit Meringue

I’m a HUGE passionfruit fan so this doughnut was made for me. The freshness of passionfruit curd was so yum and I’m glad I left this to last because it really freshened up my palette. The other elements such as the meringue and doughnut were also on point offering a crunch and pillowy goodness that really put the cherry on top of this dessert. This doughnut was the definition of simplicity and how just a doughnut and some passionfruit is enough to create something amazing.

Damn these doughnuts ARE GOOD. A cut above the rest in terms of doughnuts in the area with a great foundation. I found the actual doughnut to be the star of my visit and it really didn’t need any toppings as it really spoke for itself. I’m definitely converted now - I’m more than ready to try some more doughnuts from here and shock my friends and family with a box or two at my next gathering!


Presentation (5): 4

Taste (5): 4

Service (5): 5

Atmosphere (5): 5

TOTAL: 18/20

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