Cote Terra, Oakleigh 3166

I recently moved into a new area and it’s time to try out the local brunch spots! First up is Cote Terra - a Mediterranean brunch spot right near Oakleigh Station with great coffee and a smashing menu to boot.

First up, this little spot have so much character! I’m right now loving the lived in cafe look and this has definitely got it and a good community vibe a good mix in the crowd. It also seems to be a hit with the locals as it was very busy and very loud. I’m not sure about bookings but there were a lot of groups so might be a good one if you have quite a few people at brunch.


The Mac Daddy (Mac and cheese on a croissant with fried egg, bacon and crispy shallots) had a beautifully buttery Croissant topped with a top notch Mac and Cheese. I LOVED how shallots were added because theu were crispy and yum and just elevated the dish to the next level. I’ve had a lot of Mac and Cheesein my time (A LOT!) and this was on the less creamier side that is preferred by some so if you’re a fan of it this will be perfect for you. The only other thing I would say is that the dish could’ve used a little more salt other than the bacon. I’m really nitpicking though, such a yum dish that was surprisingly light and easy to eat!

Churro French Toast (Churro French toast served with orange infused dark chocolate mascarpone, crispy feuilletine and freeze dried fruit) was a strange sounding mix on the menu but since I love churros and I
love french toast I thought - why not?! First off this isn’t really a churro at all, more so strips of toast cut long to imitate a churro. I also find what defines a churro is the crispy outside, fluffy inside and a heap of cinnamon salt…none of which were present. Discounting the churro bit though - this was a pretty yum dish with a nice and subtle mousse and dried fruit that added some acidity and pops of flavour. I also really liked the dredge on the toast - not too eggy at all. Overall a good dish that could do with a rename and some more pronounced flavours to be made perfect.

Top notch food and right near the suburban hot spot of Oakleigh. This place is ideal for just a casual brunch sesh with some good food, good coffee and good friends. I do have to say the staff were a bit rude (eg. plonked things on the table, looked pretty frowny, pretty monotone) but I still think this place is worth a shot just based on the menu and great vibes otherwise!


Presentation (5): 3.5

Taste (5): 4

Service (5): 3.5

Atmosphere (5): 4

TOTAL: 15/20

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