Fifth Chapter, Bentleigh 3204

Can I just start this by saying this place is STUNNING?! High ceilings and cool vibes for days I could have sat here and chilled for days. Brunch awaited though and boy did it not disappoint…read on to find out more about the Fifth Chapter experience!

Maybe I have a thing for high ceiling but I found the interior beautiful and found it modern but also a mixture of homely and eclectic in a way. Just different from the cookie cutter which I loved. Plenty of bench seating as well that I felt could easily seat up to 6 so I really got to spread out.

Though a standard Saturday when I visited, I managed to get seated after a fairly short wait. Otherwise - service was a bit slow and had a couple of periods where I think they just forgot we were there. Might advise on heading here during off peak times just to ensure a smoother experience.


Georgia’s Home-made Gnocchi (Napoli sauce topped with bocconcini and fresh basil) was served as all gnocchi should be…in a huge and generous portion! The actual gnocchi was very soft and simply melted in my mouth and was perfectly complemented with the chunky homemade napoli sauce. I loved the addition of the bocconcini as it was the light and creamy flavour needed to break up the otherwise rich dish. My main complaint with this dish would be that it was overall very soft…there needed to be a bit more texture overall, maybe some a tad more bite to the gnocchi. Otherwise executed pretty damn near perfect!

Next up was the Lemon Meringue Hot Cakes (Lemon Custard, Meringue, Crumble) which were not only pretty to look at put had a very generous serving of each element so plenty to try! Surprisingly the moist and fluffy pancake wasn’t sweet at all which was actually good because the rest of the dish was a bit of a flavour bomb from the lemon. The lemon curd was very sour with almost no sugar in it at all and there was a lot of it. Because of this the balance was really off. Apart from this the other elements such as the meringue and the biscuit crumb were yum. I think the dish desperately needed a cream to get some relief from the otherwise overtly sour lemon curd and richness of it all. As it is…definitely a dish that should be shared and not tackled alone.

Deconstructed Hot Chocolate was DELICIOUS. I used to be quite the lover of hot chocolates and this took me right back to those memories. It was a perfect balance of richness and milkiness that reminded me of a liquid version of a Kinder Surprise. The theatrics were just the cherry on top and added a fun wow factor to the experience.

Bowl of Chips was satisfying as always and amazingly generous and would be more than enough to serve 4 or more people.

I would highly recommend this place if you’re in the area, especially for groups with its large space and share friendly dishes. The serving sizes are generous for the prices and ambiance is perfect for all seasons. Get here on your next visit to the Southside! :)


Presentation (5): 4

Taste (5): 4.5

Service (5): 4

Atmosphere (5): 4

TOTAL: 16.5/20

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