FAT Fried and Tasty, Fitzroy 3065

Fat, rich and indulgent…all the reasons I have never walked into FAT Fried and Tasty despite walking past it every day on my way to walk. This is the day I document the day I sat down I walked into the unknown and indulged in Fried and Tasty for lunch and food coma’ed my way through the rest of the work day LOL.

The interior is reminiscent of a cool modern diner with booths with groups and smaller wooden tables for pairs and a few benches for solo diners. I found it a fairly fitting set up for a fried chicken joint especially for self service at its low price point as well.

Staff were really friendly and even though it is mainly service and pay at the bar, water can be served at tables and staff are outgoing and easy to talk to and good for a joke or two :)


First up were the Chicken Tenders which were SOOOOOO moist which I did not expect at all due to my previous experience with tenders. They were well spiced with a definite kick of salt and spice even airing on the side of very salty. It could’ve been a little crispier on first tase. On my second bite I tried it with F.A.T sauce which took the salt right back and made it perfect, creamy and balanced. I also noted a hint of acidity in the sauce, perhaps a hint of pickle, that really made it. Overall, LOVED THE TENDERS…the combination of moist chicken, perfect spices and balanced dipping sauce just kept me wanting more!!!

The Mac and Cheese side was ordered with the tenders and had a nice and crispy top on arrival which I was really impressed with. Breaking through that beautiful top I found a very creamy melting pot of macaroni and cheese. All I can say about it is that it was really creamy, I really wanted more flavour apart from cheese and cream to match the excellent tenders. Perhaps it could have been ramped up to match the fried chicken with some spice, maybe paprika to add some more flavour to it? If you’re ultra keen to order mac and cheese then it is best as a sauce to the fried chicken rather than eaten on its own.

My most skeptical of dishes… the Chicken and Waffles. Honestly, I haven’t been sold on the concept of Chicken and Waffles after a couple of bad experience but this changed my mind! The waffles were golden, soft and beautiful with the maple and ice cream as a sweet dish and on the savoury end the chicken was perfectly spiced. I found together it wasn’t too overwhelming as the key flavours were the sweet maple, cold ice cream and chicken breast flavour which worked. I ended up really enjoying the textures and it was a great serving size for lunch.

Finally was the Poutine which in short was good but was fairly average. The gravy was a little overwhelming so didn’t get much cheese flavour to it so perhaps a lighter gravy would’ve been better off for flavour balance. Still...gravy and chips so I was a fan. Gravy and cheese distributed well through out as well.

If you’re looking to get your good ol’ southern fried chicken fix on a budget in Melbourne I would highly recommend FAT Fried and Tasty. It really packed in the flavour in each dish with a good variety of dishes on the menu. I also found that for a quick and easy meal it really hit the spot and if you work in the area or driving by I would definitely drop by!


Presentation: 4

Taste: 3.5

Service: 4

Atmosphere: 3.5

TOTAL: 15/20

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