Minh Minh Saigon Soul, Richmond 3121

I had the opportunity to visit one of the most authentic cuisines going around - Vietnamese! I’m proud of my heritage and the delicious food that comes from is and even more so that places like Minh Minh Saigon Soul are continuing its legacy.

Located inside one of the oldest restaurants in Victoria street, Minh Minh Saigon Soul has a unique menu that draws from the depths of Vietnamese cuisine. You can still get the usual Pho but you can also explore so much more. From the age of the building, as you can expect the interior is quite dated but also adds to the an authentic feel to it though - to update it too much would make it feel less Vietnamese.


Lalot (Grilled beef in vine leaf) is a dish that I’m quite familiar with from my childhood so I had high expectations but wow did this meet my expectations! This was nutty and super flavoursome, all thanks to the vine leaf keeping all the flavour within and everything together during the cooking process. Textural and a sumptuous dose of beef as an element, not an overwhelming feature of the dish which I appreciated as it seemed more like a well thought out dish with the rest of the pieces.

Yummy Quail (Crispy quail with Butter, crunchy Onion, Garlic, Spring Onion, salt, lime & pepper) was first off very spicy. I’m not great with spice so if you aren’t as well be cautious entering into this one! The dish was also quite moist mostly due to the delicious oiliness of it all. I also enjoyed how Vietnamese food requires you to get your hands in there to eat and get interactive, it’s half the fun of it all!!!

Sexy Chef (Crispy Beef with veggies and peking sauce) sure came in with a bang…it was on fire! I love the theatrics as it modernises the menu of an otherwise dated venue and a largely traditional menu. The dish was like sweet and sour pork but with beef and a slightly milder flavour. I really enjoyed it with the freshness of the carrot and onion which are crisply roasted with the beef. Accompanying the dish with rice really balances out its intensity and make it a meal though.

East meets West (Grilled marinated Chicken with chilli, garlic and lemongrass, topped with mixed herbs) epitomises the Vietnamese cuisine with a whirlwind of char and spice. The chicken was moist as and once again the dish was packed full of spice again, which were quite literally visible on the skin! This spot really like to keep things spicy and this is no exception with another hot dish. I would highly recommend dipping the chicken into the sauce, it takes the heat out of it and adds some much needed sweetness that balances it all out. A really enjoyable dish that was quite delicious, I loved the mixture of flavours!

Looking for traditional and not so much in the mood for your regular Pho you find on Victoria Street? You’ve found it here at Minh Minh Saigon Soul so get here if you’re around the area!

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Presentation (5): 2

Taste (5): 4

Service (5): 4

Atmosphere (5): 4

TOTAL: 14/20