Sassy.x Restaurant and Bar, West Melbourne 3003

Sassy.x is one of the newest restaurant’s out there and I was lucky enough to be invite to the big Launch Night. Flashy and beautiful with glitzy cocktails, the atmosphere was lively and great but FOOD is what its all about so read on to find out more!

As far as launch nights go, this is the most Sassy.x’s tops my list of the most photo-ready out there. I wasn’t too sure what to expect when heading in since the decor and the name doesn’t really tell you what cuisine it has to offer but the menu read like it was inspired by French/Spanish cuisine with pastas, pizzas and paellas as well as flavours reminiscent of that region.


  • Margherita Pizza: The first dish up for the night and the chef was kind enough to come around to each table to explain the sauce was a mix between Napoli and Roman recipes and it had taken 48 hours to ferment dough…a labour of love and boy did it taste like it! It was incredibly light with fresh flavours and a perfect balance of elements. Almost a perfect pizza in my books!

  • Fried Leek & Manchego Croquettes: These weren’t my favourite dish of the night as I felt they could’ve been crunchier and I couldn’t taste potato or leek in it. The coating was definitely more chewy than crunchy. Could’ve been milder on spice to allow more leek through and a greater balance of flavour overall.  

  • Blue Swimmer Crab Brioche Bun Slider: For a crab slider there wasn’t much crab for the portion size- maybe one bite worth in the middle? The bun was nice and crispy but the bread to filling ratio was way off. There was no chilli mayo tasted and the majority of flavour came from the avocado and bread.

  • Beetroot Salad: Really delicious as I enjoyed the crunch of the fried chickpeas which added texture and how the softness of radish and beetroot was a real contrast. Overall everything just worked and the sweetness of the salad was just right. It could’ve done with a little more cheese for additional saltiness.

  • Lightly Cured Kingfish: The perfect balance of creamy, salty and lusciousness on a plate. It was a case where a dish had all the elements that added perfectly to the dish. I especially enjoyed the radish addition for its crunch and wasabi cream spiciness.

  • Miss Sassy cocktail: Cocktail Break! Punchy, fruity flavour with a red cordial level of sweetness. Dangerously tastes like theres no alcohol in it though so exercise some self restraint!

  • Braised Lamb Shoulder: This lamb was literally falling off the bone when it came to the table - it was awesome. The meat was the perfect texture and moist as can be! Skordalia was sweet and different but was the perfect accompaniment to the meaty and savoury flavours on the dish.

  • Seafood & Chorizo Paella: Not a highlight of the night, it had flavour but not much depth as it was quite wet with no crunch to it like a normal paella. Seafood was cooked well with a lot of variety with prawns, mussels and pippis.

  • Pan-fried Sweet Potato Gnocchi: Huge pieces of gnocchi that was obviously made in house which I really liked! Fluffy and pillowy and delicious. The gnocchi and roasted onion were a perfect combo with a char flavour to break up the density. There were good intentions with the flavours but where really over rode it all was that the kale wasn’t fried, but burnt which covered most bites.

  • Yuzu & Lavender Panna cotta: An absolute highly, so smooth and delicious with prominent flavours of yuzu and strawberry coming through. If I could describe it in three words I would say: Fresh, Creamy, Acidic. The textures also really worked with the almond biscuit adding some crunch which I loved.

  • Churros: Crunchy on the outside and looked yum as but were sadly undercooked. The gooey mess on the inside made an impact on all the flavours of the dish so was a bit of a fail.

I value a restaurant with a lot of heart which I can see that the owner has from the speeches heard on the night. I wish that the restaurant didn’t seem so geared towards the Instagram crowd and focused more on the food and seemed more authentic as a result. The stand out dishes of the night were the Margherita Pizza, the Braised Lamb Shoulder and the Panna cotta. I’d recommend heading here if you were in the area as the food is quite good with some fine tuning expected it could even be great but for the cuisine served I would normally go somewhere more authentic and genuine.

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Presentation: 4

Taste: 4

Service: 4

Atmosphere: 3

TOTAL: 15/20